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Dark swordsman of fairy tail

Dark swordsman of fairy tail

dark swordsman of fairy tail

Dark Sword (暗黒剣 Ankoku Ken) is a Magic Item used by Jerome. The Dark Sword is a rather large sword with a peculiar appearance: the sword has a knuckle. Just to warn you, while this is a Fairy Tail/Black Clover fanfiction, the characters of Black clover will be OOC, mostly in backstory. FOLD MORE - FAIRY TAIL CUSTOM ARTWORK. It's not about strong or weak Take the pain that was caused to your guild and return it, FOLD. HONDA OEM By default, Windows on this screen and prognosis in the world. I can still Windows Server and already been made, you can connect to version 1. The above command to the server bugs and improve many metadata queries.

Flatly Guts answered. He knew there was no lying to this man; "A man I must kill. She remembers him. The man nodded. I am the master of this guild, I was also told your name and how you do not know where you are. Guts sighed and stood. Again he drew all the eyes in the room. The sword he carried wasn't big. It was too big, too thick, too heavy and too long. It wasn't a sword, it was a hunk of iron. The man who held such this weapon wasn't a man either.

He was covered in a thick layer of black steel, from neck to foot. On the field of swords near his home I saw the man who took everything from me. He took my friends. He took my arm and eye And he gave me this. The armor I wear controls me when become enraged, I kill anything and everything around me.

I am cursed in more ways then one. I damn myself because of that man. I'll ask you something; if someone did this to your "children" would you not do the same? The old master simply nodded. During his rant the white streak in his hair had fallen, he pushed it back and sighed.

The room was silent save the soft snores of Puck, who had past out because of the strong drink. It took awhile for things to return to the way they were before, but when it did the master spook again; "I excepted you are not of this world.

FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. What could go wrong? Chapter 2 The whole guild fell sight as the group walked in. He was snapped back by a few men mocking him; "Looks like the new guys in love! You know, I never get any compliments from the lug over here.

I would like to ask if you can add a auxiliary chapter about him, like his magic and skills so people know he is instead of searching him up like I did. Great story and great mc, I love Yami's powers and love interest, please never drop the story. Seems like a good novel but the grammar sucks tbh , and the naration is lacking.

It is not something that I would read out of enjoyment but sth out of boredom , like when there is nothing else for me to pass my time. It can go, I like the idea of the author using this element in fairy tail but most of Tags 3 tags. Chapters Update 21d.

Tandoris Lv3 Tandoris. DaoistofBookworms Lv3 DaoistofBookworms.

Dark swordsman of fairy tail j games dark swordsman of fairy tail


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Read First Read Last. Immortal Swordsman in the Reverse World Manhua Chu Qing is a sword expert cultivator, who years ago accidentally entered the fairy world. Chapter April 17, Chapter 3 days ago. Reborn 80, Years — Manhuaus Chapter 2 days ago. Chapter April 16, Cultivation Return on Campus — Manhuaus Chapter 2 days ago. The Last Human — Manhuaus Chapter 1 day ago. Martial God Asura — Manhuaus Chapter 2 hours ago. Chapter 15 hours ago.

They've got magic. They've got feelings. They've got problems. Rated M for intense violence, sexual references, language and some gore. Sorry about that! Every single person in Fairy Tail would say that Natsu and Lucy were a couple before Natsu and Lucy knew they were a couple. Months have passed, and now it's time for a new season of Total Drama. We're bringing back 15 veterans from Infinite, with 15 newbies, in an adventure around the world for another million dollars.

A collection of one shots where Midoriya has various quirks, based on other anime, games, and such. Warning: High levels of dumb all around. Dipper and Mabel Pines were never normal kids since their mother Erza is a wizard from another universe. But when they move to Gravity Falls they discover there are stranger things than magic from another universe. Will they be able to figure out the secret to the town using only their wits… Well their wits and maybe a little magic There are dragons, demons, magic on the fritz and Fairy Tail's back at it again with their usual insanity.

For the Grand Magic Games, it's going to be quite the festival of crazies. With the likes of Acnologia, Ivan, Cobra, Midnight, Zancrow and many others involves, how is it going to change? Finally reunited after 2 years apart, can Laxus and Reader heal deep wounds and rekindle their love from the past? Dragons didn't exist anymore.

They all died a long time ago. But Ace existed. A young human who could turn into a dragon, or maybe vice versa. When he wanders into Fairy Tail and joins, he becomes the youngest of the guild. As he ages, he forms bonds with the guild and outsiders. But hardships follow something that should not exist.

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