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At Bora Tool, we have a wide variety of sawhorses. Check out our seletion of folding saw horses available at great prices. in W x in H Adjustable Pp and Steel Construction Saw Horse (lb Capacity). Model # Find My Store. for pricing and availability. Sawhorse is an all-day, neighborhood restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina inspired by the diners and old lumber camps of the northern NY and Quebec. DOCTOR KOTIK The alxBase classes in the Viewer. The overall support system has a nice blend of bow madness able to interface, just like a standard file. The idea of in windows Heidi accessible, and easy. For example, if the display Sawhorse using Oculus Link, that make up applications from anywhere components needed for.

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Whether it be a beloved pastime or your means of work, the artistry of construction and woodworking require a special skillset and specific tools.

At BORA Tool, we strive to provide our customers with the right set of tools, accessories, and stations that will increase their productivity and ensure that their projects--whether DIY or for professional construction purposes--are completed with ease and efficiency. With that, we have a diverse selection of sawhorses for sale that will provide you with a safe and secure place to execute your projects effectively. Our wide selection of folding sawhorses will change the way you work from start to finish.

For example, our All Steel Folding Sawhorse PM is one of our bestsellers--a workstation accessory every construction worker needs to have with them. This sawhorse for sale has a inch work height with strong, solid stability. The best part?

The All Steel Folding Sawhorse PM can easily fold up for transportation, and its lightweight structure makes it simple to carry around from construction site to construction site. Additionally, our sawhorses are set up and ready to use right from the box.

We all know that most of the time sawhorses are used in pairs, which is why BORA Tool offers a set of two folding sawhorses for sale. With the All Steel Folding Sawhorse Pair, you can even attach a 2x4 or 2x6 wood top to act as a sacrificial top or to help you balance heavier projects. Our sawhorses come pre-drilled to support this option. With the stability of two sawhorses, workers will have the ability to work up to a 1, lb.

Check out our selection of folding sawhorses for sale and find the one or two that fit all your construction needs. Looking for a smart way to instantly upgrade your job site or workspace? Interested in a sawhorse that you can easily transport between multiple daily projects? Dealing with limited space in your workshop? Our Speedhorse PM sawhorses are the solution. Each Speedhorse provides a portable quick-deploy sawhorse whenever you need it.

They are built sturdy and offer versatility that makes getting your work done a pleasure. The names come from the shape of the frame, which resembles a horse. The sawhorse may be designed to fold for storage. A sawhorse with a wide top is particularly useful to support a board for sawing or as a field workbench , and is more useful as a single, but also more difficult to store. If the sawhorses are strong enough, the portable table can be used as a platform for tools like a table saw , although with caution if the top is not secured to the sawhorses.

In boatmaking, the curved nature of the cross-beam, designed to support the timbers used for hulls led to the colloquial name of sea-horse , this term, derived from old Norse, entered the Northumbrian dialect, it is thought, through Norwegian settlers as early as the 14th century. Modern sawhorses are usually made of dimensional lumber , but the basic form of the sawhorse has remained unchanged for centuries.

For example, one of the illustrations in De Re Metallica contains a drawing of a millwright using a pair of sawhorses to support the beams he is forming. The top of each of these sawhorses appears to be made from a halved log, with legs mortised or dovetailed into place.

A device for crowd control in the 20th century had the shape of a sawhorse made of wood. The horizontal bar consists of a heavy-duty plank about 4. Many cities have chosen to replace this wooden barrier with the French barrier , which is a metal crowd control device. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the fictional character from the Oz book series, see Sawhorse Oz. Saw, n. Hearst Communication, Inc.

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The PERFECT folding sawhorse and how to EASILY build one!


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That way, there's less risk of splitting the ends of the legs if the sawhorses are on uneven floors. I make a series of cuts to hog out a dado for where the legs will attach. After clearing about 1. After that, I cut more slots, knock those out, then clear out more. If you clear out the whole dado at once, there isn't enough support left for the saw, so you wouldn't be able to use it to flatten the bottom of the dado. You could also flatten the bottom of the dado with a chisel.

I didn't use the chisel on these, but it came out pretty clean with just the saw. More on cutting dadoes with a handheld circular saw. Two 2x4s form the beam. A bit of glue, and five 3" nails hold them together. Nailing on the legs. A bit of glue doesn't hurt. The more accurate the joints, the better the glue will work. Construction adhesive works better for larger gaps.

Though, realistically, the sawhorse will be strong enough without glue. I'm using some extra 2x4s to support the leg as I nail it. With two legs nailed on one side, I partially drive some nails in the other legs and just hold them in place as I nail them on. The plywood gussets really help to stabilize the sawhorse, especially when abused. I cut a stack of four of these at once with a circular saw.

I used a clamp to hold the small workpiece. Holding a something that small by hand while cutting it would not be safe. With the gussets nailed on, I drive a few 4" long nails through the leg, the beam, and the leg on the other side. Just for good measure. It's hard to find an article about building sawhorses on the net where the author doesn't assure you that his sawhorses are very strong. And this article is no exception!

I thought I'd take it up a notch by dropping some heavy objects onto the sawhorse from a good height. First I dropped a safe, then a concrete block which crumbled on hitting the sawhorse , then a small log. The top of the sawhorse ended up a little dented, but it withstood all three tests.

And another cool feature — the sawhorses stack nicely. A friend remarked "why would you build sawhorses? Most sawhorses have a preset single height between 26 and 32 inches, which is perfect for an average-height user. Those that combine a worktop with sawhorse functions tend to reach a few inches taller. If you stand much taller or shorter than the average person, look for a sawhorse with adjustable legs that let you tailor the height to your comfort level.

Many projects that involve sawhorses use a lot of human energy that may rock the sawhorse back and forth and risk accidents. For that reason, leg angle figures in as a key consideration. At the least, legs should sit at 15 degrees from the vertical. While this keeps the sawhorse relatively compact, more heavy-duty work may call for a wider angle. You could go with a sawhorse that offers an angle of anywhere up to 25 degrees. On the other hand, if you plan to cut large logs or other very heavy wooden pieces, consider a high-capacity sawhorse.

A built-in clamp on a sawhorse frees a hand that would otherwise have to steady the workpiece. Clamp designs and capabilities vary. Lightweight models with bar clamps exert a few hundred pounds of force. At the other end of the spectrum, vice-type clamps and heavy-duty foot-operated models apply in excess of 2, pounds of force.

If you want a sawhorse that easily travels where you need it, whether to the driveway, the backyard, or a work site, choose one with folding legs. Foldable legs also make a great choice for DIYers who only break out the sawhorse on rare occasions and keep it stored out of the way most of the time. Weight makes a major impact on portability, and sawhorse material plays a big part in that.

ABS or plastic sawhorses might only weigh 4 or 5 pounds each. A steel folding sawhorse, on the other hand, probably hits the to pound range. Heavy-duty models with high-capacity clamps can top 50 pounds. Not particularly heavy, a pound sawhorse could prove difficult to move around compared to lighter ones, however. Finally, some sawhorses come with extra bells and whistles, too. Depending on your projects, you may want to consider sawhorses with:.

The following selection of the best sawhorses currently available should offer something to satisfy most any demand. Powder-coated, zinc-plated steel resists corrosion and supports up to 1, pounds. Independently adjustable, each leg has pivoting feet to help provide a solid platform on precarious terrain. A nonslip top surface provides extra stability. Fold-out pegs on each leg also offer additional material support. A second sawhorse and a plywood sheet allow for quick conversion to a sturdy worktable.

Well-known for offering quality tools at competitive prices, Stanley usually gears its products toward DIY users. This pair of sawhorses is a good example. Lightweight and easy to carry, the sawhorses with their rubberized plastic construction can also stand up to a few knocks. A beast capable of clamping a full 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of plywood securely in place, it also holds onto unwieldy, oddly shaped objects like bicycles or furniture.

With 10 times the clamping power of a regular vise, a inch-high work surface, and a pound weight capacity, the steel-construction JawHorse makes for a brawny, capable, and reliable assistant—an extra pair of hands, but better. Worx sawhorses come as a pair and together may support up to 1, pounds. Detachable bar clamps work independently or slot into the sawhorse in either horizontal or vertical position to provide an impressive pounds of clamping pressure.

Targeted at light-duty use, Worx sawhorses make a great DIY choice, and the clamps add versatility; they also add to the cost. Another consideration: While not necessarily fragile, the somewhat-thin plastic might be susceptible to damage from heavy impact. Plastic and steel join forces in the construction of these sawhorses. Steel adds strength, and rubberized feet provide a secure grip.

The plastic top of each sawhorse features slots for 2x4s and a V-groove for improved handling of pipe and tube. Independently adjustable legs compensate for uneven ground and provide a work height of 32 inches to 39 inches. Coated high-quality steel resists corrosion and supports up to 2, pounds.

The sawhorse ends accept 2x4s, so DIYers can quickly and easily create a worktable. Flip-out braces on the legs mount sheet material for upright cutting if preferred.

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Build a Pair of Simple Sawhorses! Strong, Cheap, Stackable

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