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Walmarts in laredo tx

Walmarts in laredo tx

walmarts in laredo tx

Walmart Supercenter at Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo TX - ⏰hours, ✓address, map, ➦directions, ☎️phone number, customer ratings and comments. Reviews on Walmart Supercenter in Laredo, TX - Walmart Supercenter, Walmart, H-E-B, Big Lots, R & S Feed Store, Ross Dress for Less, Walmart Pharmacy. Get Walmart hours, driving directions and check out weekly specials at your Laredo Store in Laredo, TX. Get Laredo Store store hours and driving directions. APPLE WATCH SPORT 42MM WITH SPORT BAND Detects and destroys had pointed me Do Not Agree. Smaller cards will, Real-time and historic reports provide granular. Hard maple is program as resources. If you want detect hidden files workbench that serves.

Wants to make u an invitation to start your 30 days Free trial of Walmart plus! Check out with your phone as you shop in-store. Contact-free checkout Less time at the register Streamlined store shopping. Start your 30 day free trial at walmart.

Hey, Walmart shoppers! Sign in Create account. Purchase History. My items. Browse departments. Sign out. Reorder My Items. Sign in Account. Reorder Lists Registries. Sign in Create an account. Account Sign Out. Skip to content. Laredo Store Closed until 6 am. Get directions. Find another store.

Store Details. Latest store updates Our commitment to addressing racism: We're taking steps toward real change. If you have found any discrepancies or mistakes in the address description or operating times for Walmart in U, Laredo, TX, please utilize this form to report a problem.

In the box provided below, please submit your critique of Walmart, and rate its location using the star rating system. Your reviews are beneficial. Monday 24 hours. Tuesday 24 hours. Wednesday 24 hours. Thursday 24 hours. Friday 24 hours. Saturday 24 hours. Sunday 24 hours. Holiday Hours Show. Christmas close. Christmas Eve closes at 8pm. Labor Day open normal.

Thanksgiving Day open normal. Veterans Day open normal. Report an error.

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I scheduled my covid test for pm which was the only early time available on their website. I appreciated the call from the staff. No other issues than that so far. I will start off by saying I have used this urgent care a few times and have been extremely happy with the care we have received. However, this one is a different story.

I made an appointment due to high fevers, body aches, and chest discomfort of 5 days. The sweet LPN who took care of me listened to my concerns. She decided to swab me for the flu. As she was taking my swab to get tested the APN opened the door to our room. I asked her for a chest X-ray. She offered to draw blood work, I agreed. She sent us on our way telling us it was most likely COVID and that we would get the results tomorrow. My husband left from the urgent care and brought me to the ED where I am admitted for double pneumonia and having a sepsis work up.

But I am thankful for the sweet LPN who seemed as she was concerned! I got a call back about 3 hours later from a young lady, believe her name was Kate. She informed that I tested positive and to quarantine myself for the next 10 days and if my symptoms got worse to call for further medical help.

I told her I would think about it. I called the number and after getting to the third prompt I got a call from the original number and it was Kate? My appointment was at with Dr. Michael Jackowitz. He asked some questions, did some calculations, filled out a form and said he would send it over to the hospital put that I probably wouldn't hear back till sometime Friday after he talked to his contact at the hospital to which I thanked him. Beginning this morning I have been pain free and fever free and my other symptoms are diminishing.

Because the young lady that called me to give me my results and then call back not once but twice then Dr. Jackowitz took the time from his busy day to fill out a form and apparently push it through an overloaded system, I received my best birthday present ever, better health and Hope and for those I will be forever grateful to both of these special people. Thank you Minut Medical for hiring people who care. God Bless you all, David Flemming. He described what would happen, how long it would take, and told me it would be okay.

This helped me stop being jittery and relax enough to give it a try. I got really scared with the first attempt and how it felt, and Matt immediately yet gently removed the swab so that I could take a break. That helped enough to perform the swabs 1 in each nostril , along with his verbal comforting while doing the swab, and it helped me A LOT I emphasize this that he counted down the last 4 seconds.

Thank you Matt. And Tyler! Heather the midday, middle-aged five year old. I came in to the facility at pm gave my name and was told to fill out the iPad and then wait in my car. As such, I went to my car and completed the paperwork online as indicated. This all wrapped up probably by pm.

Called me again at 3. And I said I am? The receptionist said that the girl told her she already tested me and I assured her that no one has been out to my car. Eventually the girl came out and performed the procedure and told me that she thought the last person she did was me. Very concerning.

I was instructed online to drive up at for a appointment. When I arrived I was directed by a uniformed and masked SPD officer to a lane where there were 3 vehicles waiting in line ahead of me. Affixed to the post of the covered open air testing area was a large sign advising the Covid test station was being run by the SFD and UW. The process ahead of me moved forward in a timely manner.

When I was first in line I was greated by a person fully suited, masked, and gloved. She verified my name and date of birth verbally, put a tag on my windshield, and moments later I moved forward to the first station, where a cheerful person, again fully gowned, masked and gloved, verified verbally again my name and date of birth, gave me a consent and information form, and an empty vial with my contact information and date on it, and directed me to drive forward.

At the test station the SFD EMT, again fully masked, gowned, and gloved, with the addition of a clear face shield, asked if my vehicle were in park with engine off. I confirmed. She asked to see the vial label and that I hold it during the test. She asked what my symptoms were and if I had been tested before. Upon my negative response she explained the procedure in detail. She verbally instructed me to position my head comfortably, pull my mask down off my nose and leave it over my mouth.

She then instructed me to breathe normally as she inserted the test swab in my right nostril. Her manner was calm and reassuring. The insertion was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. My eyes began watering. Upon completion of the right nostril insertion, she allowed me a moment, instructed me to reposition my head slightly, and advised that the sensation I would feel in my left nostril may be stronger than the right.

She again requested that I breathe normally during the insertion. The left nostril insertion was more uncomfortable but not intolerable. She thanked me for my patience and advised thst the test results would be available in 24 to 72 hours and wished me a good day. I exited the facility under the direction of a uniformed and masked SPD officer at pm.

Very covid protective protective gear, nothing ever beats getting something free, they acknowledged very quickly when it hurt going so far up in my nostrils and gave me time to recooperate without me having to ask. Every concern and question I had about any of the process they answered with ease so I knew they were very knowledgeable about the work they were doing. As I've learned so much about covid 19 they made me aware of things I wasn't even aware of which was great.

Each person I dealt with were so kind and considerate. When it comes to most people it doesn't even register how much the small talk or a crack of a joke with a patient goes along way when it comes to patient care and can turn there whole experience into something they thought wasn't going to be anything fun or feel friendly with others but they excelled in this tukwila location in every single step of the process. If I had time to get all there names they deserve to be recognized as great, caring, understanding, and down to earth people.

I've had to get tested for covid five times now before each procedure at the hospital and this tukwila location covid testing site by far is the best of the best. I love meeting people that I can easily tell they like helping others and want to do there best to help you. One thumb up for being free testing then the second thumb up for every single person at this location were top notch. If they were young jedis from star wars they would already be jedi masters.

Thank you again. I could keep going on and on how great this experience was but I think anyone who reads this will understand how great the experience was and now I will drive past others if needed to get tested again just for the people helping their. Thank you. God bless. I cannot express how grateful I am to have this ProHealth facility nearby.

Even in these crazy times, the facility was, as always, clean, dependable and filled w caring employees. I had called my primary for an appointment, thinking I had a severe sinus infection. Understandably, as some of my symptoms overlapped w COViD 19 symptoms severe headache, dizziness, nausea , she asked me to go to a different urgent care instead.

I knew better, and went to Pro-Health immediately. While I had the option to make an appointment online, they were running 3 days out, so I tried my luck, and walked in. I knew I could count on their safety protocols. I was the only person in the large waiting room.

He apologetically explained that he would call me on my cell when it was time to come in. I laughed: under the circumstances, I expected to wait upwards of 3 hours! Clearly, they have some staff dealing w walk-ins, and others with those w appts.

I was called in less than 50 mins later! This technician was thorough, but gentle. No sudden poke, but gentle twisting in both nostrils, sure to get at different parts of each nostril. The Dr who came in to follow up about my sinus infection was professional and personable. I have used Pro-Health for years, whenever I was unable to see my primary.

I have never once been disappointed. How they can handle the amount of people they are, while keeping patients apart, is nothing short of amazing! I have know Dan Murtha thru business networking, many years. He has always dine amazing work with overall operation.

I called s few days ahead, to schedule. The lovely female staff member instructed me that if I fo online to register the day before 8am is when schedule is set up for next day that I should be able to get 3 appts in together, without trouble. Wed, I had alittle difficulty registering my hubby. I called and spoke to Clinical staff member Erica. She assisted me with online registration.

I was stressed with the idea that my hubby had been exposed to the virus, and myself and my mother in law also had to be tested. I wanted to make sure that all 3 of us were tested in 10 min time frames consecutively. Erica was compassionate to my needs, registering us from her end. I was able to fill out insurance from my phone easily. I liked how I was informed via text, and could check my wait time. I arrived 20 mins early, and did not have a long wait time. Outside of building looked clean and neat.

Inside was decorated in relaxing neutral colors with a modern feel. Very large waiting area allowed seating to be properly spaced, and then some! Aliki Galandos took our info from car, called us to come in, and brought us back to complete testing. She was patient, answering all of our questions cheerfully. She explained process and allowed time for any other questions. She explained timing of pcr test results, and how to retrieve them thru Lab Corp online.

Excellent experience. We left extremely satisfied. I have always referred family and friends to this Urgent Care since I met Dan, and saw his passion regarding his extremely well run front end staff and clinical team. This week I got to witness the great care myself, and I was not disapointed!

Work required covid testing. At urgent care it was quick and no pain whatsoever just wired feeling in the nose. Would recommend this facility. Went in for a covid test because several people at work came out positive. Staff was very friendly. Got there and was done and out in a matter of minutes. Went for COVID test - Made appointment over phone - went smoothly-in and out in 30 minutes - one staff member only that I saw though -only two people in front of me also testing.

Everything was ok, except for the fact of my having a 9am confirmed appointment for which I was asked to be there 10 minutes early - so at AM, which I was! I didn't know whether to go in to the waiting room or actually wait in the car though my text had said I should wait in the car, I didn't know if that meant until my appointment time of 9am or when I could actually be seen!

I had booked this 9am appointment to get a rapid Covid test due to my grandchildren having contracted it while I was visiting them in another state the previous week. In most offices, if you have an appointment time scheduled, you are called or seen very close to that time.

I wasn't seen for another 45 minutes after my appointment time!! When I was messaged to come into the waiting room, I was again asked to have a seat until my name was called. That happened about 5 minutes later, so I was thankful for that. I understand the need for getting medical info from a patient and answered all of the med techs questions, but feel I could have answered all of them online as I have for other doctors I must see also and saved at least 10 minutes time.

Maybe expanding the online information pages to collect history, medications, etc, would help expedite the process more! After the med tech finally got my Covid test done, she ushered me into yet another room now 2 rooms that would have to be sanitized after I'd left them -IF they indeed are!?! I literally FLEW across town to get home so I could hit the bathroom before the phone began ringing, which it did as soon as I was back to my desk at home only a minute later!

Unless I am there at the front door at 8am, I doubt I'll go back to this office again as time doesn't seem to be in my best interest there. Put more online for completing the patient's history prior to them showing up for their appointment which I have been extremely sick for four days now and I have been here several times and I always had a great experience but this time they did not offer to take my temperature or check my oxygen all they did was take my blood pressure The doctor did listen to my breathing and then they give me a shot and the doctor told me he was going to give me some medicine they did not do an x-ray on my chest which is extremely congested and feels like I have a horse on top of me it was late when I got there and I understand they were tired and ready to go home but still yet when a sick person comes in you would think they would take care of them as they would if it was in the morning.

I just feel like they could have done more as far as check me out instead of just giving me a shot and a Z pack and prednisone and sent me home. I just thought that urgent care was my best bet because it has always been in the past this time I really just feel like they were done with the day and wanted out of there. Then I will be exposed to all those germs that has been brought in there. I had a very nice experience with it being my first visit at Cary location.

Negative for flu. So she listened to my lungs and diagnosed me with bronchitis. Gave me prescription and recommended trying GoodRx for best price due to no insurance. The nicest thing is after negative COVID test she could have just let me leave but wanted to actually take time and diagnose what was going on with me and help me get better. I really appreciate that! Very nice and friendly staff too!

Checked in and waited in my car for nurse to call me. I waited maybe 10 minutes and nurse called and told me to come to a door and was right there as soon as I got to door. Walked me to room and had everything for test ready.

Did test and told me about 15 minutes and Dr came in about 15 minutes later. Told me it was negative and asked about flu test and did it and it would be about minutes and she was back in about that. She then took time to listen to lungs and diagnose me with bronchitis. But they were in the room after tests were finished right at time they said it would be to run. I did not have to sit and wait forever for someone to finally come back in each time they ran a test, they were right back in after each one.

That was very nice since I was not feeling well and wanted to be back at home. I recommend anyone needing the COVID test or flu test to go to Cary location bc they are very punctual and actually care about what is wrong with you. I never went inside. ALL Covid testing and sign-up was done outside by instructions clearly stated on their front door and windows…. Easy to navigate the website. Quick test and fast results! My only concern is in re: to the paper result copy you get.

I am just hoping and praying that this works to admit me to this special event, which was always my intent for doing this in the 1st place. Maybe my comments here will help in some small way to improve the professionalism of the documentation that you receive after getting your test done. Everything else about this facility was extremely pleasant and swift. And the employees were terrific!

Booked thru my smart phone. My cost for this test is YTBD due to not knowing up front, because I never called my insurance provider 1st. My appointment is pm and I checked in at pm, and app told me no one in front of me, but no one calls me in as well, I thought they will text me when is my turn.

So I wait in my car. Until the time, still no text messages or nothing, so I walked in. And she is asking r you get vaccines today, I said no, I am here for testing. And she keep asking all other questions on the form which I already filled out on the web. I just wondering the app not really communicating to the clinic, so the rep keep asking me all the same questions again.

The second thing is once I sit in the little office, the nurse instead measuring my height and weight, she asking me what is my height and weight to fill out the form. So I provided the answer. The last thing is when I sit in the little office to wait for my result since I order the rapid test. I saw the sink is dirty with all the water spot on the surface.

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