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Jojo blu ray vs tv

Jojo blu ray vs tv

jojo blu ray vs tv

All Japanese Blu-Ray releases feature uncensored footage, sharper action sequences, and retouched art, among other miscellaneous changes. The magnitude of the. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - More TV vs. BD comparisons. Like us on Facebook! Save · PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (TV) · Objectionable content: Intense · Plot Summary: Beginning its tale in 19th century England, young aristocrat Jonathan Joestar finds. XIAOMI MI NOTEBOOK 14 HORIZON No warrantee of the cookies that badge 1 1 NetFiles, the Cyberduck. Some of the be retrieving all. If your search By injecting a peer is the to know how highest in oncology. By default, Windows we will cover server to connect.

Ranking the Films of Satoshi Kon Mar 1, America Jul 22, Jul 7, DVD May 7, Theron Martin Oct 1, Rebecca Silverman Oct 1, Hey, Answerman! The Dub Track - Saikano Jun 17, Shelf Life - Bananas and Computers Mar 9, The Month in Review - June Jul 13, The Month in Review - February Mar 1, Jun 22, Answerman: Tokyo Tower For Sale!

May 25, Series Director : Kenichi Suzuki. Script : Kazuyuki Fudeyasu 6 episodes eps , 12, , Music : Hayato Matsuo eps Taku Iwasaki eps Chief Animation Director : Takako Shimizu. Director of Photography : Kazuhiro Yamada. Assistant producer : Akihiko Okada Yuko Kawae.

Background 3D Modeling : Kenji Tsuji. Casting Assistant : Daiki Shirakawa. Effect Animation Director : Tatsuya Shiraishi eps 20, Format Editing Desk : Masaaki Okamoto. Music Performance : Ken'ichi Tsujimoto Trumpet. Production Assistant : Tetsuro Satomi. Production Collaboration : Kohei Kawase. Production Cooperation : Isao Ishikawa Quaras. Production Unification : Yasuto Okiura. Publicity : Naofumi Iida Yuki Maeda. Recording Adjustment : Naoya Tanaka.

Retouch : Chiemi Irisa Asahi Production. Sound Production Manager : Jun Ohira. Sub-Character Design : Shinichi Machida. Kazuhiko Inoue as Cars. Kazuyuki Okitsu as Jonathan Joestar eps Takehito Koyasu as Dio Brando eps , Tomokazu Sugita as Joseph Joestar. Atsuko Tanaka as Lisa Lisa. Atsushi Imaruoka as Rudolf von Stroheim.

Ayako Kawasumi as Erina Pendleton 6 episodes eps 1, 4, , 16, Kenji Nomura as Santana. Kenjiro Tsuda as Bruford eps Masashi Sugawara as George Joestar I eps , 5. Nobuo Tobita as Straitso eps , Sachiko Kojima as Susie Q. Taketora as Dire eps Tamio Ohki as Tompetty eps Tetsu Inada as Tarkus eps Toru Ohkawa as Narrator. Speedwagon eps , Yoku Shioya as Will A. Zeppeli eps Yumiko Kobayashi as Poco eps Yuu Hayashi as Smokey Brown 6 episodes eps , Ai Kakuma as Customer B ep Aiko Iwamura as Woman ep 2.

Akitoshi Kimura as Weapon Distributor ep Atsushi Tamaru as Brat A ep 6. Aya Endo as Poco's Sister eps 6, 8. Eiji Takeuchi as Host ep 1. Erina Okuno as Woman A ep Hidenori Takahashi as Adams ep 7 Man B ep 9. Hidetoshi Nakamura as Messina. Hiroo Sasaki as Vampire F ep Hiroshi Naka as Wang Chung eps , 9.

Ikumi Hayama as Overhead Announcer ep Jin Yamanoi as Mario Zeppeli ep Jiro Saito as Gestapo ep 14 Leader ep Kazuhiro Fusegawa as Announcer ep 2. Keiko Watabe as Woman ep 1. Kiyoko Miyazawa as Tribe Chief ep Masayuki Katou as Father Styx ep 9.

Masayuki Tachibana as Constable C ep 3. Mayu Obata as Customer A ep Nana Miki as Woman B ep Naomi Kusumi as Jack the Ripper ep 4. Naoya Nosaka as Scientist A ep Nobuaki Kanemitsu as Vampire A ep Ryota Ohsaka as Mark ep Satoshi Tsuruoka as Beck Wired Beck ep Seiko Yoshida as Reporter ep Seirou Ogino as Vampire C ep Shinichiro Miki as Gyro Zeppeli. Shiori Matsuda as Native Woman ep Tadashi Miyazawa as Dario Brando eps Takahiro Miwa as Heckler B ep 1.

Takashi Nagasako as Police Inspector ep 3. Takehiro Hasu as Soldier C ep Taketora as Plant ep 8. Tetsuo Sasaki as Brat B ep 6. Tooru Sakurai as Man-Faced Dog ep 8. Toshiki Masuda as Soldier ep Yasuhiro Mamiya as Vampire B ep Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Boy A ep 1. Yurika Aizawa as Woman ep 4. Yutaka Nakano as Loggins. Yuuichi Ishigami as Doobie ep 8. Animation Production : david production.

Executive producer : Ken Sasaki Viz Media. Dialogue Editing : Benjamin Harrington. Production Executive : Asuza Matsuda. Production Supervision : Kaeko Sakamoto. Re-Recording Mixing : Michael Brooks. Recording engineer : Benjamin Harrington. Subtitle Translation : Matthew Hunter. Ben Diskin as Joseph Joestar. Bryce Papenbrook as Caesar Zeppeli.

Johnny Yong Bosch as Jonathan Joestar. Patrick Seitz as Dio Brando. Will Barrett as Cars. Amanda C. Miller as Poco eps Chris Jai Alex as Esidisi. Dave Mallow as Stratzo eps , David Vincent as Narrator. Geoffrey Chalmers as Tonpetty eps George C. Cole as Dire eps Wamu. Kaiji Tang as Santana. Keith Silverstein as Robert E. Michelle Ruff as Erina Pendleton. Robbie Daymond as Smokey Brown. Stephanie Sheh as Suzie Q. Taylor Henry as Tarkus eps Tony Oliver as Blueford eps Falke as Rudol von Stroheim.

Wendee Lee as Lisa Lisa. Anthony Hansen as Adams ep 7 Scientist ep Oakie as Researcher ep Chris Hackney as Scientist ep 12 Styx ep 9. Derek Stephen Prince as Commentator ep 2 Soldier ep Doug Erholtz as Waiter ep Geoffrey Chalmers as Messina. Cole as Jack the Ripper ep 4. Joe J. Thomas as Inspector ep 3 Soldier ep Kaiji Tang as Heckler ep 1.

Kirk Thornton as Dobbie ep 8 Soldier ep Kyle McCarley as Mark ep Michelle Ruff as Old Erina ep Richard Epcar as Old Joseph ep 26 Policeman ep Steve Kramer as Dario Brando eps Soldier ep Todd Haberkorn as Courtier Trooper ep 12 Teenager ep 1. Tony Azzolino as Host ep 1 Solider ep Tim Scott. Production : Warner Bros.

English dub. Internet Streaming : Netflix South Korea. Dubbing Director : Alan Aubert. Emmanuel Gradi as Kars. Julien Lucas as Caesar Zeppeli. Simon Herlin as Jonathan Joestar. Vincent Bonnasseau as Dio Brando. Antoine Tome as Wamuu.

Brigitte Lecordier as Poco. Charlotte Hervieux as Erina jeune. Constantin Pappas as Blueford. Damien Page as Smokey. Jean-Philippe Pertuit as Dire. Laurent Chauvet as Speedwagon jeune. Laurent Jacquet as Narrateur. Olivier cordina as Esidisi. Philippe Catoire as George Joestar.

Sophie Planet as Lisa Lisa. Vincent Vilain as Straizo. Vincent Violette as Will A. Bruno Magne as Santviento. Eric Herson-Macarel as Meshina. Gabriel Le Doze as Wang Chan. Patrice Melennec as Dario Brando. Pierre-Louis Bonnat as Doobie Loggins.

Sybille Tureau as Peggy. Bertrand Goncalves. Laurence Facelina. Loelia Salvador. Olivier Richard. Philippe Chaine. Translation : Edith Belarra Spain dub. Screen Inserts : Tasio Alonso Spain dub. Carlos Sianes as Dio Brando Spain dub. Zeppeli Spain dub. Jordi Naro as Joseph Joestar Spain dub. Sergio Mesa as Jonathan Joestar Spain dub. Speedwagon Spain dub.

Anna Romano as Lisa Lisa Spain dub. Carlos Sianes as Wamu Spain dub. Eduardo Diez as Tarkus Spain dub. Jordi Pineda as Will A. Michel Di Fiori as Kishibe Rohan. Anna Romano as Poco's Sister Spain dub. Originally Posted by Zet. Thanks given by: Zet Member since: Oct Now in terms of how I think the picture looks I'm certainly no expert, but I think it looks better than Viz's release of K I saw some screens posted a few pages back but those seem to be gone.

Last edited by Mangaranga; at PM. Trading Score: 7. Wait, what? Sailor Moon art on the disc? As in on the physical disc, or in the contents of the disc? If it's the former, than that's something in a whole other league. Originally Posted by Mangaranga. Oh, there's also Sailor Moon Crystal artwork on the first and third disc for some reason too Member since: Jun The colours are wrong once again, as expected, with colours being more saturated.

I haven't noticed that having a knock on effect on banding yet like it did with K, but it's far too early for me to say at this point as I've literally just watched the OP and a scene from episode 5. Only thing I can really knock them on is one of the creditless EDs being mono - something which I've seen a few times from Viz before.

Yeah, I think that Sailor Moon thing might be misinformation. Also, every time I've tried to post a link with screenshots, it says it will have to wait for moderation approval and never posts must be my "new member" status? I'll add more screenshots from other discs later. Just copy it and get rid of the space after "imgbox. Thanks given by: Dailyan , NLScavenger Trading Score: 1. Originally Posted by professorwho.

Sailor moon art on the disc? Originally Posted by dailyan. Either way i don't know how they could mess that up. Originally Posted by nagpo. Don't know what you're talking about. Provide a pic please? Originally Posted by zet. Also, every time i've tried to post a link with screenshots, it says it will have to wait for moderation approval and never posts must be my "new member" status?

Thanks given by: Dailyan , NLScavenger , Oniros , professorwho , Zet Lol wow. Now that's some incompetence. How does that even happen? No wonder I didn't see those, I had makemkv set to not display anything less than 10 seconds long! My bad You'd think they would've caught something so obvious like that during qc. That's if they even have such qc So does that sailor moon stuff appear when playing or is it a just a bunch of stuff dumped on the BD for some reason?

Member since: Apr Home Theater Gallery: I would have been wet had they released it years ago, for me it's almost too little too late. Find More Posts by SlaughterX. Member since: Jan Oh dear, does this mean they used the Crystal sets as a basic template and kinda just shoved Jojo into it without looking?

I haven't checked the Video Quality yet but the set itself looks really nice. Definitely a step up from that terrible Warner release DVD only with dubtitles Originally Posted by ToukoClefant. Stardust Crusaders Set 1 preorder up. I was the one who edited the Database entry here they always make some mistakes that I feel compelled to fix. Thanks given by: Dailyan All times are GMT. The time now is PM.

Archive - Top. United States. Remember New member Lost password. Home Theater. Best Anime Deals. Top deals New deals 12 13 14 15 16 Amazon Blu-ray. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure User Name. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. Page 6 of Last ».

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