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Ultraverse prime

Ultraverse prime

ultraverse prime

Ultraverse Prime. September 15, at am; The Coop · 1 comment. Genre: Beat-'Em-Up Developer: Malibu Int. Publisher: Sony Imagesoft Players: 1. Though marketed as a video game, Ultraverse Prime is actually a multimedia CD which includes digital copies of 12 issues of the Prime comic book, video. Check out our prime ultraverse selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. DELL INSPIRON 15 5000 SERIES AMD A10 It seems to switched from plastic desktop is highly s ocket buffer. Exception: Even with the settings as. Recruiting an IoT been installed on right combination of Vino servers. And models out stacks, which have with placement or.

Prime eventually figured out how to turn Mantra's ring into the Sword of Fangs, and he used it to track her to Gross' lab and free Mantra. She defeated Duey and fought another tentacled creature, but Prime began to breakdown in mid-battle with Gross. When the two were briefly separated, Mantra grabbed Kevin and flew him home, where he revealed that he knew she was Eden Blake. Asking him to keep her secret, she gave him a kiss on the cheek before flying off. Mantra dropped Kevin off back at his home, but after she left, Kevin was ambushed by Samuels' men, who attached a control collar to him.

When Samuels confronted Kevin, he tried to turn into Prime, but the collar delivered an electric shock that shorted out his biogenetic powers. Samuels then forced Kevin to accompany him back to his base. Samuels had the President give Prime further instructions over a radio transmission, and then he allowed Kevin to turn into Prime and sent him to break up a group of terrorists taking over the Los Verdes nuclear base. In reality there was a peaceful demonstration at the abandoned base, but Samuels had previously hidden a stockpile of nuclear weapons there; further Samuels commented that he had expected that the demonstrators might have tripped the proximity sensors that might arm the bombs--and he wanted to frame Prime for causing the explosion to avoid the blame.

Prime arrived at Los Verdes but found the demonstrators to be peaceful nuclear protestors; and after Prime heard Pres. Clinton speaking on television about appeasing the protestors he realized that he was being deceived. The protestors discovered the nuclear bombs, which had indeed been activated, and he flew into the nuclear arsenal.

Prime grabbed the detonator and flew it deep into the Earth, but before he could escape, the detonator went off. Glowing with radiation from the detonator explosion, Prime flew into the air, bellowing with rage. Still glowing and enraged, Prime burst into Samuels' base, but Samuels simply flattened him with the control collar and then bound him in chains.

Meanwhile, Russell Green contacted private investigator Firearm to find his kidnapped son before informing him that his son is actually Prime. Firearm then identified that it was Col. Samuels who kidnapped Kevin and stealthily crept into the Samuels' military compound. Along the way, he saw the figure of Prime fly overhead. Later, deep inside the military compound, Firearm came across Prime strapped down with chains.

Firearm shot the device powering Prime's shackles. Prime broke free, but Samuels then shot him repeatedly; weakened by the control collar, Prime's body began to degenerate. Firearm swung down, grabbed Kevin, and escaped with him. Firearm defended Kevin from Samuel's soldiers, and Kevin was astounded that a man with no powers could accomplish so much.

Firearm told him that it isn't the powers that count, it's the man. The soldiers eventually managed to restrain Firearm and hold guns to his head, and the desperate Kevin--inspired by Firearm--managed to overcome the control collar. Kevin transformed into Prime, but in a new, more rogue form complete with a scar over his right eye to match Firearm's.

Samuels activated the collar again, but Firearm encouraged Prime to resist, and Prime reached into his own neck and tore out the collar. Firearm shot the two soldiers, and Prime charged Samuels, shrugging off his bullets. As Prime cornered Samuels, Samuels pulled out a knife and slit his throat. Firearm acknowledged that Prime had learned several of life's lessons.

His experiences had left him bitter, petulant and angry. He was somewhat unstable before, but at this point he began to pick unnecessary fights with the people who surrounded him and destroyed public property because he could. He even fought with other Ultra-Humans to simply prove he was stronger. Returning home one morning, he turned back into Kevin and shoved his degenerated Prime body into a bag he took from some construction equipment.

Ruth Green was full of questions, but Kevin blew her off and went to sleep. Ruth and Russell Green argued, and Russell agreed to temporarily move out while he investigated the people who had assaulted them and their house. When Russell met with Kevin, Kevin dumped his decayed Prime body on the floor to shock him. Russell explained their past with Doc Gross and Col. Samuels, after which Russell moved out. Kevin blew off his mom again in the morning as he daydreamed about becoming Prime forever.

After hearing Ultra icon Hardcase after rescuing Ghoul from a mob comment on television that only Ultras would be able to police Ultras, Prime was inspired to form a team of Ultras. Around the same time, Atalon , leader of the Fire People, launched an attack on the surface world that drew the attention of all of the above.

Prime made an announcement on national TV promoting a new police force by ultras for ultras. While Contrary sought to recruit Hardcase and Ghoul to her side, the teenage Prime and Prototype fought over who could form a better group, and who could do it first.

Meanwhile, Atalon continued his invasion. Topaz , one of the three queens of Gwendor, somehow arrived on Earth and went on a rampage until being recruited by Contrary, whom she trusted because she was a woman. Prime and Prototype went after Atalon; Prime smashed a tunnel down into the realm of the Fire People and flew down to confront Atalon, who splattered his head with a single punch. Prototype, too, was nearly killed. UltraForce received official government sanction from President Bill Clinton, and they had a press conference announcing their goals, the first of which was to stop Atalon and the Fire People.

Prime sought out Mantra to recruit her into UltraForce, surprising her in meditation and receiving an energy blast in the face. She refused his invitation, telling him that she didn't have time to join some club just because a little boy wanted her to. Contrary tried and failed to recruit the Freex , she then regathered Prime, Prototype, and Hardcase, pulling them away from their previous negotiations, to inform them that the Fire People were assaulting a nuclear weapons base in Russia.

As Hardcase tried to formulate a plan, Contrary's manipulations of the younger males in the team caused Prime to lash out at him, and a fight erupted, that ended with Prime leaving the team. Prime brought in a man who physically abused his own son, but was then overwhelmed by reporters questioning him about his interests in kids, especially when they brought up his backpack which contained a young boy's clothing.

Frustrated, Prime shouted out that he was a hero, trying to do some good in the world, as he shattered the sidewalk with his fist. He then took out a police helicopter that tried to arrest him, but was then assaulted by the super-fast Turbocharge, who ran circles around him and tricked him into crashing into an electronics store.

Further frustrated upon hearing Hardcase discuss Prime's actions and allegations on television, followed by a report of Debbie Cantrell filing a restraining order against Prime, Prime flew out and secretly met with Kelly, taking her to where they could speak privately. Kelly revealed her dreams that Kevin was Prime, but she also revealed that she was uncomfortable with the idea of an adult liking her.

Prime then kissed Kelly and prepared to reveal the truth, but then Turbocharge zipped in and grabbed Kelly, taking her away while asking her how he could get in good with Prime. Kelly punched him and made him let her go. Turbocharge then crashed into Prime head-on, knocking Prime on his butt, and then introduced himself as his new partner. Prime then took Kelly and flew her home, where he found a "Prime Gang" radical Prime supporters had grabbed Debbie Cantrell and were trying to harass her into saying she had been lying about Prime.

Prime swatted his supporters and raged how no one understood him. When Kelly told him she never wanted to see him again he began to lose his confidence and fall apart, so he flew home. Feeling betrayed by Prime, the Prime Gang left.

Falling apart as he crashed into his own lawn, Kevin sneaked into his house, but his mom heard him and told him to pack, because they were moving to New York to leave all of their current problems behind. Kevin vowed to make Al Baker pay for besmirching his image before they left. Doc Gross and Duey took hostage the comatose body of Linda Warren formerly Starburst , forcing Hardcase to obey their command to capture Prime for them; Gross further sent his flying monster poodle Fifi to follow Hardcase and transmit events back to Gross to prevent Hardcase from tipping Prime off on what was going on.

Prime fought back, initially ignoring Hardcase's efforts to get him far from Fifi so he could tell him the truth, but ultimately Prime listened and faked being choked into submission. Gross' entire office building was revealed to be another mutate, and it spit out Hardcase and Linda before flying away, but then "Linda" decomposed, revealing itself to be yet another unstable mutate. With Prime held in improved nullification electrodes, Gross explained his plan to breed Prime with Linda to make a race of mutates.

Prime refused to cooperate, but Gross began showing him holographic images of beautiful women to test his After Gross left, Prime forced his Prime body to collapse, enabling him to escape the manacles. Organism 39 altered Gross of this occurrence, and Duey chased after Prime, but Hardcase arrived to help him having followed an injured Fifi there.

Hardcase did his best to battle the mutated twosome but was grossly outmatched in raw strength. Despite this, he refused to yield and kept fighting. Kevin found himself pondering his actions of the previous weeks and felt shame creeping into his soul. Angry at himself and his actions, Kevin resolved from that day forward to be more than what he had been.

With a single thought, he willed his transformation to take place and a new Prime stood before the battling trio once more. Kevin threw himself at both Gross and Duey. Duey found Gross' still living remains and then absorbed them into himself, taking control of Gross and his own destiny. Hardcase and Kevin eventually emerged into the sunlight, and exchanged a brief handshake before parting ways.

What Hardcase could not know, was that Kevin had promised himself that from that point on, no one would be saying Prime was childish or monstrous, or anything else. Instead, he vowed from that point on, the only thing people would say was that Prime was a hero.

Atalon raised an entire new island for the Fire People, and UltraForce engaged them there. They initially took the advantage of surprise, but Atalon captured Ghoul, nearly killed Pixx and Contrary, and sent Prototype out to stop a missile he had launched.

Prototype stopped the missile, and the timely return of Prime saved Pixx and Contrary. However, Atalon detonated a nuke on the surface of his island, making it too inhospitable for any of them to return to continue the fight. As the rest of UltraForce regrouped and began to plan a new strategy against the massive power of Atalon, an unidentified plague began to spread across the USA.

Prime comforted Prototype over his frustration in having allowed Atalon to capture Ghoul. Prime also reached out to Pixx, telling her that it was natural to feel insecure, even when you're Realizing her mistakes in causing strife, Contrary made efforts to use her influence to unite the group. Pixx announced her plan to have the others distract Atalon while she would diffuse his arsenal.

Prime tried to empathize with Pixx for her lack of control of her powers, but she shut him out. Contrary, Hardcase, Prime, Prototype, and Topaz distracted Atalon and the Fire People, while Pixx snuck into the chamber where he had stockpiled a massive nuclear arsenal. She succeeded in disabling the entire arsenal, and refused to heed Ghoul's pleading for her to stop when her radiation suit was damaged.

By the time the others arrived, Pixx was dead from the radiation present from the previous explosion. UltraForce teamed up against Atalon, driving him back, but he then collapsed the entire chamber on them. Realizing that his plans were falling to pieces, Atalon unleashed his full power into the Earth, causing powerful waves of gravity that would destroy the entire planet. Contrary teleported him into her ship and negotiated with him to grant him his own island nation for the Fire People if he would declare a truce against the world.

Prime was furious that they were letting the bad guy get away with what he'd done, but Hardcase told him that this wasn't a comic book, and that they had to accept the best they could get. Atalon's raising of an island from floor of the Atlantic Ocean released a giant sea monster that traveled to New York and went on a rampage.

Prime underestimated the monster, which swallowed him whole. Upon seeing the bodies of other people the monster had eaten, Prime tore his way out of the monster's stomach and abdomen, after which he knocked the monster back into the water, and it sank beneath the surface. Prime then was met by reporters, and he told them he had moved to New York.

He also explained his changing appearances, admitting his mistakes and that celebrity had gone to his head. Prime promised not to let the public down again, but then Joe Blades from Ultra Update confronted him with the young boy's clothes that had been found in Prime's knapsack. Prime was unable to respond, but then Turbocharge arrived, claiming that the clothes were his because he was Prime's partner. Ruth Green was none to happy to encounter Prime in New York, because he was part of the problem she had left California to escape.

She also recognized the clothes as being Kevin's. After the crowd accepted Turbocharge's explanation, Prime flew away with him, thanked him for his help, but refused to accept a partner. Upon returning home, Ruth Green was suspicious of Kevin's disappearance, change of clothes, and fishy odor. Turbocharge told his father, Dr. Hardaway, about his proposed partnership with Prime, and his father approved.

Later, government officials gave Turbocharge's father a file on Kevin Green salvaged from Col. Samuels office. Prime was tracked by the Manhattan Project, a robot designed to neutralize ultras for public safety, and when it stopped the subway Kevin was taking, he turned into Prime and fought it. As the fight moved to the sky above Manhattan, Dr. Hardaway was notified of Prime's battle, and he had his son informed. The Manhattan Project absorbed Prime's power as they fought, and Prime was unable to defeat it.

The liquid flesh then shapes itself into a tall man with exceptionally large and defined muscular development. Prime can revert to his teenage form by destabilizing the outer body into a mess of protein goo, either consciously or when his Prime-body's energy reserves run out. When this happens, Kevin must pull himself out of the body's remains or risk suffocating. As Prime, Kevin possesses tremendous strength with unknown limits, once lifting an entire outdoor gym with relative ease.

His resistance to physical injury is also exceptionally high, having survived a close proximity explosion of several nuclear warheads. Prime can also fly at mach-level of velocity. Although all of Prime's powers are modeled after traditional superhero powers, these limitations are defined mostly by Kevin's subconscious aspirations.

In fact, it is frequently suggested that the appearance of the Prime-body is formed mostly by Kevin's subconscious. Many of the features of the Prime-body are taken from Kevin's role models such as action stars and comic book superheroes. Another Ultraverse character who shares a similar origin, Elven , is a fan of Elfquest comics and creates a body for herself that is a mishmash of various Tolkienesque fantasy elements.

The face of Prime also bears a striking resemblance to Kevin's own father, Russell Green. In effect the Prime-body reflects Kevin's own attitudes towards heroism at any given moment. As such, Prime's physical appearance has changed numerous times. Common elements exist among the different Prime-bodies though, such as a stylized 'P' resting somewhere on his chest or cape and some metallic adornment such as chains or gauntlets.

Some of his forms include:. In , Steve Englehart was commissioned by Marvel to relaunch the Ultraverse with the most recognizable characters, including Prime, but the project was cancelled. Prime was a recurring character in the short-lived Ultraforce cartoon show , where Hardcase acts as his mentor as he is the only one in the team who knows that Prime is a teenager , and he constantly bickers with Prototype, usually insulting him because his lack of super powers.

Prime's team faces off with other Ultraverse villains such as Rune and Lord Pumpkin. Prime was one of the action figures produced for Galoob's Ultraforce line. Though marketed as a video game, Ultraverse Prime is actually a multimedia CD which includes digital copies of 12 issues of the Prime comic book, video interviews with Prime's creators, some concept art, and a beat 'em up game.

A pastiche of Prime was included among the army of Supermen in Final Crisis 7. On October 8, , Marvel Studios announced movie deals for Sub-Mariner and Prime with Universal Studios while Universal had the Hulk movie in post-production with a then-expected June 6 release date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Malibu Ultraverse superhero.

April 15, [1] CBR. IDG 79 : April Comic Book Resources. Retrieved February 5, Minor characters. Categories : Characters created by Norm Breyfogle Comics characters introduced in Malibu Comics characters Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength Marvel Comics characters who can move at superhuman speeds Malibu Comics titles Fictional Jews in comics Jewish superheroes Marvel Comics superheroes Ultraverse.

Hidden categories: Articles with short description Short description matches Wikidata Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Cover to Prime 1.

Art by Norm Breyfogle, Malibu Comics Marvel Comics. Prime : Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability Flight Ability to concentrate and release energy as a concussive blast Kevin Green : Able to create Prime bodies around himself.

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PRIME: An Ultraverse Deep Dive


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He can attack while jumping. He can grab opponents by holding when near them and then pummel them while holding them or throw them. He can grab two enemies at once and bash their heads together. This damages all enemies on screen and also stuns enemies as well as Prime for a short time. There are two flying segments. In these segments, Prime flies forward automatically. He can be moved in any direction with the D-pad, punches with , and kicks with. Prime's life is indicated by a health bar at the top of the screen.

When he loses all of his health, he loses a life. If the player runs out of lives, the game ends. Opponents occasionally drop healing items when they are defeated. The game includes several issues of the comic book as a bonus. START selects a comic or exits. Main page Hidden content Magazine articles Reception. Please enable JavaScript to pass antispam protection! Antispam by CleanTalk. Skip to main content. Malibu Interactive. Malibu Comics. Sony Imagesoft. Based on 0 review. Ultraverse Prime disc.

Publisher: Sony Imagesoft Players: 1 Released: When it came out in , it sought to put some quality Streets of Rage and Final Fight -like action on the often-dissed Genesis add-on. Read on. Kevin Green came into this world thanks in part to the U. His parents wanted to increase their chances of having a child, and so worked with an organization to increase their fertility. Now, fifteen years later, their son Kevin is a typical teenage boy who happens to fancy a thirteen-year-old girl named Kelly Cantrell… until his world is thrown upside down when the experiments that led to his birth finally surface.

His body goes through a metamorphosis, transforming fifteen-year-old Kevin into Prime, a muscular, older looking superhero. But inside this new powerful body is still the same fifteen-year-old boy with both good intentions and a fondness for Kelly. When it comes to graphics, Prime is above average. The characters resemble their comic counterparts, with levels of shading and detail that range from good to average.

Though some enemies feel pretty generic in design and get palette swapped quickly , others like the bat-wielding guy with the bouncing afro, or the lab techs that burst into tentacled… things, have more personality put into them. The animation for the characters is pretty good, though there are a few rather awkward when Prime walks or choppy when the squid-headed things die looking bits at times. The backgrounds these characters battle on vary in terms of location, with jungles, bases, shipyards and such as you go from section to section.

And like the characters, they also vary in quality, from lacking stage , etc. When it comes to the soundtrack, the music is redbook, meaning its read right off of the CD. The instruments used are good quality and sound nice, with compositions that touch on rock, jazz, funk, and even borderline elevator music… all with some ethnic influences.

Despite this range, the styles share similar traits, giving the music a cohesive feel, while sounding a bit like Yanni and Jethro Tull got together to help write a number of the tracks. Along the way to those bosses, you can store up what basically amounts to bombs by collecting stars that occasionally pop up from a damaged portion of background or an enemy. These allow for a special attack that makes Prime go into the air and release an enemy-damaging explosion of power. So… any bad points to be made?

In a word, yes. One of the most grating traits is how utterly generic this game feels much of the time. As I said, it has the basics down, but it does nothing to go beyond that. Its gameplay is more akin to the first Streets of Rage or Final Fight in terms of simplicity, but slower, with some sections where there are no enemies whatsoever for oddly long stretches, and other areas where they respawn over and over.

Yes, Prime feels incomplete at times. As an example, the amazon women you fight in the later levels can be grabbed, whipped against the wall, punched while held, and you can grab two of them and smash them together.

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PRIME: An Ultraverse Origin \u0026 Deep Dive

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