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Alas, his run of bad luck continued--the gorynych was showcased the same year that Jeddite developed his self-veiling medusas, and once again the Pendant he so coveted was denied to Alamar. Out of frustration and spite, Alamar released his prototype gorynyches into the wild, to snack on the unsuspecting and those who are foolish enough to attempt to wrap their tongues around the beasts' wholly unpronounceable name.

Vast Cavern. For long years, these zealots isolate themselves in remote monasteries where the only visitors they have are travelers who have lost their way, and even these seldom more than once a year. During this time of isolation, the zealots practice their fighting skills and train their minds to repel all magic. Lost Friary. The sharpshooters, originally trained by Gelu, were so popular because of their combat skills that all heroes desired to have them as part of their army.

And the prestige of being a sharpshooter was so strong that the skills and training were passed on from father to son and mother to daughter. In due course, it was possible to find sharpshooters in almost every part of Erathia, and as you can expect, they tried to adapt to local conditions. So the arctic sharpshooters have appeared. They have an improved attack and are also able to hide in snow-covered places, which allows them to be better protected from missile fire..

Snow Covered Position. Another type of sharpshooter - the lava sharpshooter. Their house is a vault. Their hard lives have tempered them, resulting in their increased defensive ability. Lava sharpshooters get their name from the bottles of fiery lava in which they dip the tips of the arrows. In close combat they are able to use these flaming lava arrows to burn their assailants. Rock Covered Position.

Necromancers aren't the most social of heroes. The lack of living flesh and blood might be the problem, or maybe the weird clothes they tend to wear. It could be the strange cackling they tend to emit when they laugh, or perhaps it's just the constant stink of death that seems to surround them. Whatever the reason, they generally aren't invited out to the most fashionable of parties.

Actually, they generally aren't invited out to ANY parties--fashionable or not. So, they have a lot of time on their bony old hands. Especially since they don't sleep. They know of dreams and they know of nightmares, remembering vaguely as they do their time before undeath, though they no longer have either.

Not surprisingly, they prefer nightmares--especially for other people. Thus it was that Sandro, in a fit of jealousy over the livies ability to dream, took a few of the undead steeds that were normally used by the black knights and began "working" with them.

He trained them to move on their own, without the guidance of a rider, and he changed their appearance to make them fiercer to gaze upon. Sandro also added his own personal scent of death to the new creatures and concentrated it in their "breath". No amount of air freshener will help the hero who faces Sandro's nightmares, as he so cleverly called them, as the strength of their breath rivals that of the mighty gorgon, often bringing death instantly to even the mightiest of beasts.

Indeed, so strong is the stench that sometimes even those standing behind the initial creature will be struck down, and no amount of breath mints will allay the damage done. Sandro finds this all to be a fine joke, of course, and he loves to regale his acquaintances with his tale of creation. Not at parties, since the invites keep not coming for those, but at the local necromancer's guild meetings, or, better yet, at the Annual Deadies banquet.

Everyone cackles with glee and tries not to lose his or her jaw bone in the process, as that can be quite embarrassing, even for one who already has no life, social or otherwise. Dream Horse-shoe. Time waits for no man, it rolls along, like sands through the hourglass.

Tick, tick, tick. All we are is dust in the wind and nothing lasts forever. Except gremlins. Always there have been gremlins, always there will be gremlins. They worm their way into clocks, into ballistae, into titans' codpieces. Tinker, putter, snip, bang--it all goes awry. Such is life. Mischievous, mercurial, and prone to misadventure, they aren't evil, yet they are the demons that haunt our daily lives. Many solutions to the gremlin problem have been tried--the wizards chain them up to try to keep them out of the machinery, but do you really think genies have always changed sex when upgraded?

Not a chance. The result of a gremlin in the works, and no one has been able to figure out how to change the problem now that it exists. In the dungeon, the overlords test the new minotaur axes on the gremlins, and the warlocks try new spells, but there are always more. Barbarians feed them to orcs, beastmasters let the wyverns poison them, and heretics toss them into the fire lakes. The necros tried to make skeletons out of them, but the animation always seemed to go wrong, one leg walking in one direction while the other headed off somewhere else, perhaps taking the skull with it but forgetting to bring along the neck bones.

And always there are more, mucking up the works and distributing headaches to everyone, high and low, rich and poor. Legend has it that there was once a recluse wizard who actually managed to domesticate the gremlins. This wizard, known to today's world only as K, lived far to the North, farther even than his other winter wizard brethren.

He was said to be a bit of an eccentric, wearing fuzzy red pajamas trimmed in white fur, and preferring a red stocking cap to the traditional wizard pointy hat. But all agree, that if he existed--and the evidence suggest that he did--he must have been a genius. What evidence? The santa gremlin, believed to be a derivative of the common anti-gremlin cry, 'Blast, these gremlins are Satan spawn'.

Santa gremlins are clothed in red, with white trim, and they command other gremlins or similar lowly creatures to protect them--just as K is said to have commanded the santa gremlins to protect him. Strangest of all, they are spell casters, capable of using the ice bolt spell--said to be K's favorite incantation. Their existence isn't proof positive that K really existed, but who else but an eccentric half frozen genius at the top of the world would come up with such a crazy idea?

Why a genius? Because santa gremlins not only follow instructions, they can also be nice. While they are tough in combat, capable of casting ice bolts and surrounded by traditional gremlin protectors, after combat, defeated santa gremlins have been known to give gifts to heroes as a reward for their victory. Such generosity and good will is unheard of in traditional gremlins, and only a genius could find a way to develop such traits in a race otherwise known only for their capricious and destructive natures.

It wasn't always easy growing up in the rampart--Petal knew this all too well. Everything was "nature this" and "environment that" and "no, we can't have any roasted marshmallows this evening because the dendroids get upset if we burn them in our bonfires. Even her name. Blah--how terribly NOT fearsome. How many creatures or evildoers had ever trembled at the thought of the dreadful Petal coming for them?

None, zero, zilch. Nope, the rampart was not the place to be if you wanted to be a rock n' roll spell caster who preferred a good fireball to a boring old bless spell any day of the week. Oh, you could become a ranger like Jenova, or a druid, like Gem, but you still had to play by their rules.

Don't walk on the grass, don't tie bells to the centaurs' tails, don't give the dwarves hot feet. Dull, dull, dull. Even the unicorns were a washout--prancing about, all pure and white and letting the other maidens pet their gleaming coats, but turning up their horns at Petal and her soot-blackened hands. So, she left. Petal set out on her own to find independent women of a like mind. She had one of her more domestically inclined cousins make her a wicked looking dark cloak with a high, intimidating collar and hit the road.

As she journeyed, Petal made little mental notes to herself: take out a few evildoers along the way, invent some flashy and dangerous spells, test her magic skills in the real world, and improve the fashion sense of civilized women everywhere. Life was good. She was a fearsome spell-casting woman on a rampage, and to her surprise, there were many others like her.

And not just from the ramparts--soon she had a band of "sisters" that consisted of former battle mages, overlords, heretics and all manner of other women. They called themselves the Sorceresses, and in honor of Petal, they all wore the same style long cloak with the wicked high collar.

As their numbers grew, so did their power. They cast all sorts of spells in combat--not just namby-pamby water spells, but also fun combat spells like disrupting ray, curse and even a nasty little creation of Petal's that afflicted the target with a nice little debilitating disease. Soon, their merry band became feared by practitioners of evil far and wide.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they soon became feared by men too--even those of good hearts and pure thoughts. Concerned that their fun loving, free wheeling lifestyle was overshadowing their honest desire to help clean up the world, Petal went to a local enchanters' grove to discuss how the two groups could work together.

Eventually, a pact was reached where the enchanters agreed that sorceresses of sufficient power could summon a small band of enchanters to assist in the battles against evil, thus helping to allay the growing belief that sorceresses were not just against evil, but against men in general.

In return, Petal and her followers agreed not to cast Petal's nasty little disease spell on the enchanters, and to only summon enchanters that were not actively involved in playing Whack-A-Mage, the enchanters' favorite pastime. Enchanted Tower. All spells last 3 rounds except Disrupting Ray and Acid Breath which are permanent and normal spell immunities apply.

Gods Representatives and Messengers have complete immunity to Sorceress spells. Listen now, to one of Erathia's greatest love stories. Once upon a time there was a young elf named Tallow who fell in love with a beautiful centaur girl named Sherinda. But as is often the case with love that blossoms between different races, their union was forbidden. Elves and centaurs at this time were at loggerheads over many issues, not the least of which was who had to shovel out the unicorn pens and dragons caves.

For many months the young lovers hid their desires from their people, meeting only in secret or in the dead of night. But as their passions grew, so did their restlessness, until finally they could stand it no longer, and they revealed their true feelings to their families. They had hoped for understanding, but instead were met with shock and despair. The fighting between the elves and centaurs was getting worse, and their romance was seen by both families as a betrayal.

When he refused to renounce his love for Sherinda, Tallow was cast out of his clan and forced to leave the rampart until such time as he would abide by the rule of the elves. Before he left, he got word to Sherinda to never give up hope--somehow he would find a way for them to be together and he would return for her. Although Sherinda wasn't an outcast like Tallow, the centaurs watched her carefully and tried to find her a suitable male centaur instead.

They tried all manner of suitors--manly, athletic centaurs and bookish, wise centaurs versed in the magical arts. But nobody could replace Sherinda's beloved Tallow in her heart, so it was a fruitless search. For months, Tallow wandered the lands, unable to forget about his precious Sherinda, until one day he came upon a horrible scene--a terrified old woman tied to a stake, about to be burned alive by a small mob of villagers carrying pitchforks and lit torches.

Tallow approached the villagers and demanded to know what crime the woman had committed to receive such a terrible punishment. They told him that she was a witch, that she had poisoned the village's well, and for that she must be burned, "because all witches are evil".

The woman called out to Tallow, pleading for help and proclaiming her innocence. Elves seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing who's good and who's not, and Tallow could tell at once that the woman bore no evil in her heart.

Knowing from personal experience what it was like to be persecuted, Tallow made a decision. He quickly unslung his cherrywood bow, and in the blink of an eye, his arrow had pierced the hat of the apparent ringleader of the mob. From the steely look in the elf's eyes it was clear that he meant business. When Tallow demanded the woman's freedom and challenged the villagers to fight, the cowards quickly turned and ran for the safety of their village. After freeing the old woman, Tallow discovered that she was in fact a witch, but a good one, and she was grateful for being rescued.

They traveled together for awhile, and when the witch heard of Tallow and Sherinda's plight, she offered a magical solution. It was a drastic one, however, for she described a spell that could put two creatures into one body if they had strong enough feelings for each other. Although it had never been tried with two different species, Tallow was willing to try anything for the woman he loved.

So when the old witch and the young elf reached a village where the witch could make herself a new home without fear of persecution, she taught Tallow the proper incantation for the spell. After gathering the herbs he would need to accompany the spell, the elf departed on his journey back home--back to Sherinda. Sadly, when Tallow arrived back at the rampart, he found that the elves and centaurs had declared war. The dwarves and dendroids tried to maintain order, but things were rapidly getting out of hand.

If something wasn't done soon it would tear the once tight-knit community apart. Stealthily making his way to Sherinda's stable, Tallow woke her, and she greeted him with amazement, joy, and quite a remarkable kiss, but also with concern. Quickly, he told her about the enchantment and asked if she was willing to join with him forever. Without hesitating for a moment, she agreed. Filled with nervous excitement, they performed the ritual together, and as the magic power suffused their spirits, they became one, unified in body, mind and soul.

They were a new race, a sylvan centaur. And their name was Talinda. When they emerged into the streets, everyone stopped and stared. Nobody had ever seen the likes of this creature before--part elf, part centaur, with the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither. The news quickly spread and everyone came to see Talinda. Perhaps it was a side effect of the enchantment, or perhaps it was the incredible joy that radiated from Talinda, but instead of being cast out as an abomination, the sylvan centaur was revered by both the elves and the centaurs alike.

Both races soon stopped fighting and they appointed Talinda as their spokesperson, a diplomat to both people. In the following months and years, the enchantment was used numerous times, for it seemed that the races of elves and centaurs had more in common than they thought. Before long there were many sylvan centaurs in the town, and they were always very happy, for each one was a union of pure love.

Sylvan Homestead. The Sylvan Centaurs may be created from Grand Elves and Centaur Captains, if you have them both in your army and have turned on the proper hard-coded option. To do that you must hold your 'ctrl' key on your hero screen and only on your hero screen, not the garrison or town screen and click with your left mouse button on a stack of Grand Elves or Centaur Captains.

They will be combined free of charge and at ratio , so after combining 42 Centaur Captains and 14 Grand Elves you'll end up with 14 Sylvan Centaurs and 28 Centaur Captains. It's a curious fact of life that some mixes are more accepted than others. Peanut butter and jelly? A classic. Labradors and poodles? A bit odd, but they have a cool name--who wouldn't want a labradoodle? Men and horses? Peculiar, but centaurs move fast and generally are polite enough to go outside to take care of business--a significant improvement over horses and barbarians.

Wolves and men? A downer--nobody seems to like the werewolf, perhaps because they shed profusely, or maybe because there's always the chance that they'll rip your throat out during a full moon rampage. At any rate, they have long been anathema, and many campaigns to exterminate lycanthropy in all its forms have been launched over the years--with varying results.

Certainly Lord Haart's crusade to eliminate werebeavers was a smashing success, much to the relief of regular beavers who often found their rivers and streams dammed with human femurs after the full moon, but others have been far less effective. Halon's attempt to eliminate the fearsome werehummingbird, for example, lead only to the vaporization of some lovely flower gardens and the destruction of a number of perfectly innocent bees.

Still, though there are many were-creatures in the world, werewolves have always been the most common and among the most dangerous. Werewolves are fast, much faster than the weresloth, for example, and while some lycanthropes retain some of their human attributes even in their moon-induced animal states, werewolves often go completely berserk during the full moon, beyond the control of anyone or anything.

It is also true that, for reasons unknown, werewolves seem more likely to pass their affliction on to those they bite or claw than do most other werecreatures. Indeed, there are more than a few reports of werewolves transforming large numbers of normal men and creatures into werewolves during various struggles.

Attempts to eliminate werewolves have had mixed success, though in general they have been driven to living in the more remote areas of the world. Still, their speed, power and viciousness in battle has caused more than one would be hero to seek them out and attempt to convince them to join the ranks of their army. Werewolf forces are always to be feared, as there is the possibility for them to transform all they oppose into werewolves, both friend and foe, and the blood rage of the full moon is often so vicious as to blind them from any distinction between friend or foe, good and evil, or innocent and guilty.

Howling Hollow. There are cracks in our world. Unseen places where the fabric of the universe is a bit weaker than in most other places. Animals can sense these places and stay away from them. Fear them. For sometimes, not often thankfully, but yet often enough to make brave souls cower behind the thin walls of their homes, something breaks through those cracks from the other side. It is not dark on the other side, as many conjecture, but in fact it is quite, quite bright.

Fire is like that. And hot. Very, very hot. So too the creatures that live in that fierce, inhospitable world just beyond our own, caught in passing mayhap in a dream--or, rather a nightmare. Only it's not always a nightmare. Sometimes, the fiery beasts from the other side find a crack in our world big enough to let them through. Sometimes, the nightmares are real--and hot.

Hell steeds are of the other world, burning horses, with flaming manes and searing eyes. Fortunately for us, they are small compared to some of their brethren from beyond, yet even they can only rarely find holes in the weave of the universe large enough to squeeze through. So, they remain rare, usually found in remote areas and places where large quantities of magic have accumulated without supervision. Places where the cracks are not repaired but left unattended, to be worried at and leveraged from the other side.

When they are encountered, hell steeds are usually feral in both appearance and demeanor, and their breath is said to be so hot that they will often, briefly, leave walls of fire in their wake. Additionally, it is believed that some of the older hell steeds have learned how to harness their heat and project it across small distances. Attacking these hell-born equines is perilous, as direct hand-to-hand attacks will almost certainly result in the burning of the attacker, perhaps severely.

Naturally, the hell steed is immune to fire-based magic. Born in the nightmare world on the other side, the hell steeds have no fear of our own world. Hell Rift. A long time ago, a powerful lich king in a far off land experimented with dragon animation. Mixing the bones of a black dragon and a faerie dragon and imbuing them with evil power, the dracolich was born. Although this terrifying undead creature casts no spells, its magic is able to block many non-magical attacks.

And like the liches, the Dracolich can throw a death cloud at its opponents from far away, but its power reserves are quickly drained. This is rarely a problem, however, because the Dracolich relishes the chance to toast its foes with fiery breath and then devour the barbecued treat. Recently, these dracoliches have begun showing up in Erathia, spreading terror and death in their wake. Dragon Graveyard.

Let's return to the legends. They tell us that when Gods have learned about the broken balance in the world of Erathia, they have decided to interfere, to restore the balance of forces. Caused by elements of magic of fire, the Emissary of War was sent to help Heroes to restore former harmony.

Palace of Martial Spirit. Caused by elements of magic of the ground, the Emissary of Peace was sent for protection of those Heroes who aspire to restore balance between the different factions in Erathia. Citadel of Pacification. Caused by elements of magic of air, the Emissary of Mana was sent to help Heroes to restore the balance of Dark and Light forces with the help of magic.

Monastery of Magicians. Caused by elements of magic of water, the Emissary of Lore was sent to help Heroes to return balance of forces, having seized art of magic to the full. Library of Legends. After the balance of different forces on Antagarich was disturbed and after the intervention of the gods many heroes realized that they might not be able to fight on their own any more.

They needed help. They needed intelligent creatures to aid them not only on the battlefield but also in leading their army. They needed personal commanders. That title soon was beginning to be the property of heroes' best friends, relatives or the most talented and strongest generals.

Commanders are somehow a combination of a hero and a creature. They fight on the battlefield along with your hero, but they also gain the same experience - and with that: new levels, primary skills, secondary skills and better statistics overall. They can also use special artifacts, cast a spell and they have some specialties of their own. They all have different names and biographies, but at start they do have many similarities.

Each hero can have only one commander. If he currently has no commander, he may recruit one at any of your towns for the price of gold. You can check your commander screen by clicking on the icon in your hero screen:. At start every commander has the same statistics: Attack: 5 Defense: 5 Speed: 5 Hit Points: 60 Damage: Spell Power: 1 They will be modified by the choice and development of the commander's primary skills, as well as by his own experience and gaining new levels.

If a commander dies in battle, but the hero's army manages to win or flee, it will be possible to later resurrect him at one of your towns. However this will most likely cost you gold and sometimes you will even have to have a mage guild of a certain level built. A commander screen on a battlefield shows also his special abilities and looks like this:. Besides that we can see that our commander can cast Cure 2 times each battle. As a divine defender of justice, this holy avenger's abilities grow stronger with every battle won.

The Paladin has also been blessed with healing magic to keep the troops alive and fighting strong. These mystical Commanders are natural healers, always insisting on at least one first aid tent for any army they command. In battle, they protect the lives of their troops by conjuring a magical shield to ward off deadly blows. Strong willed and intelligent, the beautiful Temple Guardian is a distant cousin to the titans.

Her presence on the battlefield improves the ranged accuracy of titans as well as the other troops she commands. This power is almost as useful as her innate ability to draw forth and channel mana from an emotionally-charged field of battle. Always sensual and charming, your ranks will soon swell with creatures entranced under this demonic Commander's spell.

The Succubus' affinity for fire lets her protect her minions with an aura of flame. Charming - Steals a portion of neutral stacks before combat. A fearless fighter in battle, this Commander inspires bloodlust in the troops he or she commands. And when it's all over, the Brute directs the army to gather up the corpses, for there is always a demand for fresh bodies in the dark and smelly depths of the dungeon. These soulless Commanders absorb the spiritual essence of the creature they kill to sustain them in their unnatural unlife.

On the battlefield, the Soul Eater uses her necromantic powers to reanimate her fallen undead comrades. The resourceful Ogre Leaders have fallen in love with the deadly ballista and always make sure there's at least one in any army they command. These cunning Commanders have also mastered a spell that makes their troops' skin as hard as stone. This adept Commander uses primal magic to become much stronger in battle, drawing upon the spiritual totem of the hero who leads the army.

The Shaman's spells increase both the speed and reflexes of the Fortress beasts to which he or she is attuned. Originating on the astral plane, this Commander's ability to reveal glimpses of an empty and desolate world often make the once-loyal soldiers of sworn enemies cast down their weapons, having seen the futility of war.

The Astral Spirit also possesses telepathy and can sometimes warn friendly troops of a surprise attack from behind. Primary Skills Every commander can have 4 out of 6 possible primary skills. Every skill has 5 levels. When gaining a level you will be able to chose boosting any of your four chosen primary skills. Secondary Skills By advancing in levels your commander can have 6 out of 15 possible secondary skills. These skills have no 'levels', so you can't develop them in any way.

The commander may learn a particular skill only if he had already learned two specific primary skills and have the Master level in both of them. When advancing in level you'll then be able to choose between learning a higher level of one of your four primary skills or learning a secondary skill. Fearsome Enemies may lose their turn due to freezing with fear. Maximum damage always The Commander may gain this extra skill if he or she has Attack and Damage Master skills It is marked with [M] in Commander info during a battle.

Strike all Enemies around The Commander may gain this extra skill if he or she has Defense and Damage Master skills It is marked with [A] in Commander info during a battle. Attack twice The Commander may gain this extra skill if he or she has Hit Points and Damage Master skills It is marked with [2] in Commander info during a battle. DeathStare Every attack has the Death Stare. Now towns can be destroyed and rebuilt again from their ashes. To destroy a building in a town, it is necessary to right-click on the building you wish to destroy.

You must have a visiting hero present at a town in order to destroy buildings there; a garrisoned hero cannot destroy anything. Buildings cannot be destroyed in just any order, but must follow priorities and dependence see Appendix Table 1.

If all conditions for destruction of the given building in the given town are met, the building can be destroyed and a window will appear asking if you wish to destroy it. An example can be seen in the picture shown below:. If the given building cannot be destroyed at present, then when you right-click you will only see the standard information about that building.

If the player clicks the OK button to destroy a building, a check will be made to see if the hero has the minimum required level of experience. There is a minimum level at which heroes receive the ability to destroy buildings, and this is initially set to points for all buildings in all towns.

However, this value can be changed with ERM code for any type of building for all types of towns!! If the hero doesn't have enough experience, the appropriate message will appear stating that the building will not be destroyed. The next stage is a check of how strong the hero's army is. This is calculated as the sum of health HP of all monsters in the hero's army. The minimum level that is initially set for this calculation is HPs but this can also be changed with ERM!!

If the hero's army is insufficient, an appropriate message will appear stating this. If the destroyed building is a creature dwelling, it is checked to see if it has inhabitants. If the dwelling is not empty, a choice is offered to the player: pay the monsters to abandon the dwelling or fight them:. The cost of paying the monsters is calculated based on their level and number, as shown in the following table:. If you decline to pay, there is only one way to get rid of the monsters -- fight:.

Here again you can refuse. Thus of any destructions. If in fight with monsters you will lose, that, being more peaceful, than you, monsters will release the hero on freedom. The truth of army he can lose completely. If you pay the monsters or beat them in combat, it is possible to start the destruction. However, destroying buildings costs and each building has its own cost, but always in gold.

Refer to Appendix 1 for the full list of buildings in all types of towns where you can look up the cost of destruction Table1. Each time you destroy a building, it displeases the local population of the town. In order to appease them, it is necessary to distribute gold with each following destruction. The amount of gold depends on the number of destructions done that day and can be seen in the following table:. From the table you can see that four destructions per day are possible.

However, this value can be changed by means of ERM commands!! If this number is altered, you may find it necessary to establish or change the price of destruction!! If you attempt to destroy a Grail building, you're given an opportunity to dismantle it instead.

Since it's a valuable structure, it costs gold to dismantle it -- this is much more expensive than simply destroying it. If you pay this amount, the Grail will be dismantled and will appear in the hero's backpack:. If you have no free space in a backpack, you will not be able to dismantle the Grail. An every next destruction needs some movement points of Hero.

After destruction of a building the hero will find a small amount of resources in the ruins. They can be any resource except for gold. The exact quantity and type of resources can be checked in the Appendix Table 1. To completely destroy a town, it isn't necessary to destroy all the structures. It's enough to destroy the ones of key importance until finally reaching and destroying the Town Hall. Once the Town Hall has been destroyed, the remaining inhabitants abandon the town.

After destruction of the Town Hall, ghosts will appear in an ex-blacksmith's. However, they are too happy to be alive dead? Thus, the town becomes absolutely empty. When your hero leaves the town, he will receive an appropriate message. If you leave wish you can leave the town under the protection of monsters or a hero by leaving them in the garrison, but be cautious. As soon as your hero leaves the town, he cannot enter again; the gates are locked and any guards left are controlled by the ghosts.

For the next 6 days, the town is completely closed to entry by all heroes. It ceases to belong to you and becomes neutral. After 6 days have passed, you can return to the town. If you have left guards you will have to enter combat and win against them before you can take over the town again. So what happened during those 6 days? The ghosts enjoyed their freedom in the town but now they are bored and ready to go anywhere rather than fly around in the dead "ghost" town any longer. Click on the ex-blacksmith building to hire the ghosts:.

The ghosts do not like to remain in the town, therefore they can only be hired into a visiting hero's army bottom slot and not into the garrison. Until all ghosts will not be hired, the town will remain deserted and will again become neutral as soon as the hero in it leaves. Again, you can leave guards at this point if you wish but if you later return you will have to fight them to regain control.

After hiring all ghosts, the hero can try to restore the town. For this purpose it is required to right-click on the ex-smithy as the new city inhabitants do not want haunted ghost houses in their town. The standard check for a hero with high enough experience and a strong enough army is made at this time as well.

If he passes this check and if he's a hero native to this town type, he can only restore the town to its original type. However, if the hero is from another town, he can choose between the town's old type before destruction or his own native town type:. If the Hero has the Builder specialty by default Jeddite he can choose among all types of towns:. After destruction of the ex-blacksmith, at last, the city is restored. If the type of city is changed, a change of a landscape must be made but this takes some time, therefore the new local residents promise to finish it for when you next visit enter the town.

Arrow towers now can train and collect experience in fights. If the player keeps control of a town for one week, the arrow towers on day 1 will receive additional experience and are amplified according to the following formula:. If a town successfully defends against a siege, it gets better as though one week had passed. If a town is captured, all saved up experience for towers is lost. The central shooting tower receives experience irrespective of the lower towers.

The lower arrow towers receive experience simultaneously since they were both built at the same time. If a creature stack has more than one type of attack, this may be selected on the creature's turn by right-clicking the Defend button and choosing from the menu. The attack-mode choice for this stack will then last until the end of the current combat. If a creature has more than two attack modes available, there will be multiple options in the menu to choose from. A lot of change has occurred in this land these past few years.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some Heroes have gained new specialties during this time. But whether they are good ones or not, who can say? Specialty: Veil of Darkness. Basic Hero: Nagash Necromancer. In childhood, Nagash liked to sit for hours under the black shadow of the Veil of Darkness.

Because he was a necromancer, he did not like society and always tried to disappear from sight. And thus, the Veil of Darkness drew him like a magnet. He was intrigued by how it functioned, and after much study he finally understood. In essence, it was extremely simple and only required a source of mana to be channeled. Long years of training have allowed Nagash to perfect this useful ability and now he wastes no time in taking advantage of the skill.

When the hero moves, the shroud is replaced in a circle around him for all players who are not allies. Radius of the shroud circle is determined by the following formula:. Example: Nagash has a knowledge of 10 and 63 mana remaining. For the entire day, when he moves he will leave behind a black shroud with a radius of 6. Specialty: Builder. Basic Hero: Jeddite Warlock. In youth, Jeddite traveled all over the world, and everywhere he went he was amazed at the beauty of unfamiliar cities.

Being very curious and observant, he always asked local masons how such cities were constructed. Now, having this knowledge, he is able to direct the construction of any type of city that is being rebuilt.. Allows Hero to choose any type of city when rebuilding one that has been completely destroyed. From time to time, lost wanderers have come across these mysterious constructions, fashioned in a similar style to the pyramids.

They have been found at the slopes of mountains, in deserts, and even on plains. Seeking shelter from the cold or the heat, exhausted by famine and thirst, tired from long days on the road, these travelers tried to take refuge in these unusual constructions and, perhaps, find something that would allow them to continue their journey. Having come back home, they related to everyone about the unusual creation that met them with riddles at its entrance.

The sphinx shows you a randomly chosen riddle and asks you to answer it i. The answer can consist only of one word or a single letter , without additional punctuation marks or blanks. The case of the entered word is not important. After typing the text click the OK button.

The sphinx will check your answer, and depending on whether or not it's correct, either reward your hero, or punish him. In either case you can see result in the section of blessings and curses on the hero screen. If you click on this icon, you will either see a brief message that the given Hero has no blessings or curses,.

In the latter case, each icon designates one blessing or curse. If you move the cursor over any of these icons, you will see a text description for that blessing or curse:. Each one has two characteristics: power and duration. The first can be quantitative for example, the Hero receives gold coins per day or qualitative for example, the Hero can not visit any Gardens of Revelation.

The second, always quantitative, shows how many days the curse or blessing will last. Some curse effects end at the beginning of the last day for that curse while others end at the end of the day. Therefore, effects of that latter will appear to last 1 day longer. The more the Gods are convinced of the faithfulness of a Hero, the more assistance they provide To find out which GR the Hero has and what his accumulated bonus is, right-click on the God Bonus section in the hero screen:.

Depending on the type of GR, the type of bonus and the icon in God Bonus section changes. At the beginning of every week, the value of the Bonus is calculated randomly from 1 to 3 for every GR individually. When a hero first gains a GR, he immediately receives a bonus of 1 to the skill in which the GR is specialized. If a Hero transfers a GR to another hero, gets rid of him or loses him in combat, all accumulated bonuses are lost.

By transferring a GR to another player, the bonus starts to increase at the beginning of the new week for the new owner of the GR. Each Hero can only have 1 GR in his army, regardless of type. To leave a part of a hero's army for protection of territory was a dream of many Heroes.

But, as it is known, the most terrible thing about dreams is that sometimes they come true Now a hero can leave part of his army or an artifact on the map in any empty, passable square. To leave an army or an artifact, it is necessary to right-click with the mouse on any free square adjacent to the hero, and then you will see a window with the offer to leave guards or an item:.

If you right-click on a square that isn't empty or is impassable, the standard information about the object or the ground will be displayed. In case of making a decision to leave part of your army, the standard dialogue for an exchange of monsters will be shown like in the case of visiting a garrison :. If you decide to leave an artifact you must remember to put it in the backpack first , you will see a window with the choice of which artifact to leave:.

Now, not only can Heroes and Commanders earn experience, but creature stacks can earn experience too, advancing in rank from 0 through Experienced creatures gain statistic and special ability bonuses as they go up in rank. After winning a battle lead by a hero, each surviving creature gains experience.

Experience is equal to the experience gained by the Hero for each battle. Thus, each creature gains an equal amount of experience from the same battle. Creatures never gain experience from Learning Stones, Chests or similar objects. For every five ranks a stack attains, a sword symbol replaces the previous four carets, so a stack at maximum experience 10 ranks will have two swords. Also, WoGify scripts options may give neutral unowned creature stacks experience if enabled.

If two stacks with different levels of experience are combined, their experience is averaged. To see a stack's experience detail screen current and future bonuses , click or double-click as needed on the stack to bring up the creature information dialogue and then right-click on the creature portrait. You can do this in the hero screen, in the garrison or on the battlefield. Special abilities not yet gained will have a greyed-out pictured.

To see more information about a special ability, right-click on the ability. To see more stack information details, right-click on the creature portrait located in the upper-left of the stack experience screen. Note: a stack's statistic bonuses won't be visible other than in the experience details screen except in combat, and special ability bonuses are not displayed in the normal creature ability window.

The easiest way to edit the files is to open them in the latest ERM Scripter. To do this, open the file normally and then press Ctrl-Alt-Q or click on the arrow-head next to the blue-circle-arrow icon to reopen the file in "table mode" so that you can easily edit the columns. Once it's open in table mode, click on the arrow-head next to the icon with the double-arrow and "A" above it. This will autosize all columns. Magic Wand. Description: Transforms artifacts which hero has.

Combination Artifacts and their parts are not transformed. If a slot is empty, a new artifact will not appear there. Artifacts that are forbidden from appearing on a map will not appear as a replacement artifact when a transformation occurs. Gold Tower Arrow. Description: Gives control of Arrow Towers to hero.

Description: Casts Prayer on all monsters of one kind. Crimson Shield of Retribution. Description: This ancient relic summons up to [ HP x Hero Level] dragons for the duration of a battle minimum one dragon. Dragon type is random but may be influenced by terrain. In addition, dragons in a hero's army always have positive morale. Gate Key. Description: Upon entering a town you own, the Gate Key gives you the option to lock it for 5 days.

Heroes can leave locked towns but no hero can enter except by Town Portal or Castle Gate, and the town cannot be attacked. The Gate Key will vanish when used and returns to the hero 10 days later. A town cannot be relocked by any Gate Key for 5 days after it becomes unlocked. If a player is vanquished, their locked towns will be unlocked for all players the following day. Warlord's Banner. Description: With stack experience enabled, the Warlord's Banner gives additional bonuses in combat.

To equip it, drag it to the troop stack of your choice. Choose a bonus by right-clicking on the Banner in the stack's experience screen. You can change the bonus any time except in combat. A stack can carry a maximum of four banners at once. To pass an equipped banner back to the hero so it can be given to a different stack , left-click on it in the stack experience screen. Barbarian Lord's Axe of Ferocity new combination artifact. In addition to the regular bonuses, it grants an additional strike each round to all non-shooting creatures in a hero's army.

Axe of Smashing commander artifact. Dragon Eye Ring commander artifact. Mithril Mail commander artifact. Sword of Sharpness commander artifact. Pendant of Sorcery commander artifact. Boots of Haste commander artifact. Helm of Immortality commander artifact.

Revives a slain Commander immediately after battle artifact incremental bonuses are not lost. Bow of Seeking commander artifact. Description: When worn by a commander this artifact gives Commander Breath Attack two squares and Dragon nature gets bonuses as Dragons. Slava's Ring of Power commander artifact. Description: When worn by a commander this artifact gives Commander all six Primary Skills at Advanced level.

Blank Artifacts:. WoG now also includes 10 new 'blank' artifacts that have no hard-coded usage or description but can be scripted through ERM. They are there for you - to finally make an artifact you always wanted to have :. You will find them in the 'artifacts' section of the editor after 'Pandora's Box'. It can be used to change many properties of creatures, objects, artifacts, etc.

Many such scripts have been already created and added to the game. This is the 'master script'. It gathers information from the wogify menu and activates the chosen scripts at the start of the game. It also changes some of the map's objects, creatures, resources, artifacts, etc. Adds rules to a map on day one. You can chose from: 1. Fliers can't fly but instead aren't retaliated against. Monster speed is inverted.

Monsters are half price on 7th day of week. Heroes create magic plains each day. All monsters attack twice. Most dwellings also have boars. Heroes pick up double artifacts. Perpetual darkness. Heroes have double movement. Heroes get 9thth skills. A hero's upgraded 7th level monsters automatically become 8th level. Heroes gain an artifact each level. Rogues attack heroes at random.

All creatures have a breath weapon. All towns have a grail only used if no confluxes on map All towns have Warlord's Banners in front of them. Improves some secondary skills. Arcane Towers allow a hero to redistribute his or her primary skill points If object replacement is selected, Arcane Towers may replace some of the following: Level 1 Magic Shrines, Learning Stones, Witch Huts, Windmills.

When you right-click on the icon on your town screen you will be able to transfer or borrow resources and gold. This script adds a new ability to the Hourglass of the Evil Hour artifact. If the player is the defender in a combat, no option to summon Asmodeus will be given. Asmodeus fights the battle under the player's control but with the hero's troops.

He possesses good primary abilities starting at 13 and knows useful secondary skills like Expert Wisdom, Expert Sorcery and Expert Fire Magic. He has several powerful fire spells at his disposal. If Asmodeus wins the battle, the hero will not gain experience and will not get the artifacts of the hero beaten Asmodeus may claim these instead.

Asmodeus' primary abilities will ALL increase by 1 for each combat won. After the battle, Asmodeus takes part of the hero's soul as payment. This results in the hero losing 1 point of Power permanently. However, if the hero is down to only 1 Power, Asmodeus steals the Hourglass and sends three devils to attack the hero's soul instead.

This adds a new function to the Magic Well that allows any hero to go fishing there for treasure. Fishing in the well uses up all the hero's remaining movement points for the day. The fishing hero may snag a handful of gold coins or may reel in a chest filled with valuable resources, an artifact or even a deadly trap. Some of the other possibilities include monsters emerging and attacking the hero, discovery of a tunnel system leading to another Fishing Well, or merely some junk, like an old boot or a mouldy cheese sandwich.

The Junk Merchant offers trades for 32 artifacts, mostly weak ones, plus scrolls. He doesn't want most of the artifacts that have abilities from the Artifact Boosts script. He only buys unequipped artifacts, and only one copy of each artifact per visit.

He usually pays in gold, but sometimes offers to trade special things instead. The AI accepts all trades except ones that give it creatures. The Market of Time lets a hero forget any skill already learned at a cost of only gold to make room for learning a new skill instead. A hero can only forget one skill each day. Magic Air, Water, Fire and Earth Mushrooms temporarily grant a hero expert magic skill in the corresponding element.

After one week, the elemental magic skill returns to the hero's previous skill level. At the Palace of Dreams, all your dreams will come true! Only gold per game. Play as often as you like each visit. If object replacement is selected, Palaces of Dreams may replace some of the following: Dragon Utopias.

The Living Skull can tell you where to find a specific artifact for a small price. The first hero to visit each week will be shown the location of a random artifact for free. Enhances the adventure map Tavern with a card game that lets the hero win gold if he or she gets lucky. In each game there will be from players. Be the first to write a review. Skip to main content. Listed in category:. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab.

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