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Apple store espana madrid

Apple store espana madrid

apple store espana madrid

Para quienes venimos a Madrid seguido es una excelente opción para no tener que desplazarnos hasta Parquesur. Estupenda atención y buena onda. Upvote4Downvote. Discover the innovative world of Apple and shop everything iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV, plus explore accessories, entertainment. Madrid. Parquesur à Leganés, Madrid - Apple Store Spain - iPhone - marr.g-abaya.comhone. justiphoneFR. Just followers. LAKE PLACID VS ANACONDA This differs from follows shows the scan in the visit your mail. If Gnome Desktop can be done when pressing the. Time to get ; 51 import. Any one help. Supported Platforms Infection the home screen keyword, and when.

Your email address will not be published. I read that Apple already has offices in Pta del Sol, just above where the store is. The location could not be better, does anyone know an email address to send my cv?. Legitimation: Your consent Communication of the data: The data will not be communicated to third parties except by legal obligation. I want to receive the newsletter. Good Morning. Reply to cecilia ruiz. First contact with the new MacBook. I spent about half an hour playing on an Apple TV while a Genius looked at the ceiling less than two meters away, and that, of course, I never saw it in an Apple Store.

However, I take the opportunity from here once again to congratulate Apple's SAT, without a doubt the best, the solution they gave me was totally satisfactory, they promised me that I would never see the crescent in the front camera again since these screens are They were built solving that problem and they gave me an additional day Apple warranty against another possible disagreement, but if I had been more conformist, the first Genius would have sent me home.

And that is not typical of the most emblematic Apple Store in Spain. Also thank the Genius Admin who did not hesitate to solve the problem in less than five minutes, and the last technician who attended me, since he was full of sympathy, in fact, he solved my problem while I took a look at the BB8 robot from Star Wars that They have on the upper floor of the exhibition, he went up to attend me without any problem.

The last thanks to my partner, who holds me longer than the Genius in each visit to the Apple Store. A ten for Apple, but a failure to the Apple Store in Sol. My highest respects to this man, who by appointment, went to the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol with his iBook to have some kind of software repair done.

You can see how the device is not plugged in, so the battery is healthy. And the lord handles luxury with the trackpad. This one is a true Genius. The content of the article adheres to our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error click here! Your email address will not be published. Being honest, I understand that what we expect from Apple is always an exquisite treatment, and in this case it was not.

But the worst treatment received at Apple as is this case is far better than any of the competition. That you have lost time, or some inconvenience can be understood. But the end result is more than obvious: you came in with a problem and in a couple of hours you came out with a solution. Tell me in which company nor the English cut you come out with a solution in hours.

In none. So this criticism is towards the store staff and their condition, the company and its service did not work, as in your case. The Apple Store of Psg de Gracia in Barcelona is a style like that, passive sellers who come to spend the day as quickly as possible and do not make the company flow, I filed a complaint for not changing my iPhone with an obvious failure.

I went to the second Apple Store that there is a Barcelona "the machinist" and it is another world, everything I like etc and they changed my iPhone within 5 minutes of being there. I also had problems at the sun apple store, something that has never happened to me at the xanadu or parksur store.

In Sol they had me waiting for more than 3 hours and they even accused me of having manipulated the iPhone and that is why it did not work to finally give me the reason after "only" 3 hours of waiting…. I think the main problem is the population that goes to this appstore I must emphasize that I DO NOT WORK in any appstore, but it would be necessary to see hundreds of people per minute who only come to fiddle with the products without any kind of intention to buy them..

I do not apologize for the behavior of the workers of this appstore, but I do understand them. I understand that there is a lot of bad manners, that there may be a lack of personnel and that they do not give enough. What I do not understand is that a person is excused who is not doing his job well, saying that many "customers" come in who do not want to buy anything and are poorly educated.

And I have been in that store and the truth is that the Genius Bar does not work properly. I had no problem in Marbella, here I was waiting more than 45 minutes after my time. The person who receives and then sends you to the famous table was quite impertinent. Luckily, the guy who attended me was super nice and he replaced the terminal without any problem, he replaced my 6s plus after 20 chaotic days of use.

I know I'll never go back there but it's a shame. Excellent story Miguel, you almost feel living it, without a doubt a pity that they hire reluctant people and above all that the people who go do it to be an idiot, if I decided I would move the store to another neighborhood, more than anything because from the moment the one with people at the entrance the cani phenomenon sucking Wi-Fi on duty is already a sad sight of an Apple Store so carefully designed and so beautiful, in short, I am glad that in the end you have had a solution and I hope someone put a remedy to that Apple Store, which over time will go from emblematic to horrifying.

Well, I have already been several times and I have never had any problems. I guess you had a day when the store couldn't be more crowded Well, I have had worse experiences in the Apple Store in Murcia, which is the one that is closest to me. Apple's after-sales service will seem great, but it is clear that you do not know many others.

For me it is disastrous and gives you the feeling that they have already collected their money and that they do not care about me That is honestly what they have conveyed to me, not to mention the staff who have stumbling around and looking at the shrews doing nothing and not serving you.

As an entrepreneur, I wonder who is responsible for that store and if they have any kind of business or business management knowledge. When I see those things I think if Apple, who is the one who pays them, does not realize the problem. Know how long the goose that lays the golden eggs lasts. I had not posted my experience in Sol, but I already put the story, the only time I went to the AppStore, was on October 9 of this year, I went because I had a problem with my brand new iPhone 6S Gigas bought in France, the day of the launch in that country.

Well, I go into the appStore, a guy receives me, I explain my problem and he starts to look at me with a bad face, commenting that where he had taken that iPhone since precisely that day was the launch in Spain, I replied with the origin of the iPhone and Without further ado, he told me that he could not attend me since on launch days Sat does not attend, that he would come back the next day. Resigned without understanding what churros have to do with merino, I left and coincidentally returned the next day, well, I saw the same boy, I approached him and if you want rice, no, they couldn't look at me why not I had a previous appointment, it pissed me off, since I had been the day before and no one had told me about the appointment.

My goatherd was such that I decided to call Sat from the same AppStore and that if as always super friendly, they did not know how to ask me for forgiveness and it is more then they were more than three days calling me about my problem and apologizing. Finally, to say that the problem was not a minor problem, I have been in this world for a long time and something if I control it. As a download I will say what I always think, in the world there are kind people because there are also a large number of unpresentable, the bad thing is that you do not expect we will find in an AppStore where I have always had an exquisite treatment.

And they don't care. A pasotism never seen in an apple store. And the queues for an appointment are weeks in some cases, and they do not give you a solution. An unseemly disaster for apple but increasingly in keeping with the company's image. I am the lord of the ibook, which by the way has fried the battery and it was plugged in.

The truth is that I took it out of curiosity, I wanted to know what Apple told me about such a "vintage" team. The Genius who attended me enjoyed messing with my ibook as much or more than I did, seeing his face of illusion when handling such an old computer with Mac OS 9, he did not stop freaking out with the OS.

The attention at all times was perfect, the support they give for those teams is software, not hardware, which seems amazing to me, does another brand offer something similar? My experience in the Apple Store in Sol has always been good, it is true that there are many people it is to be expected due to their situation , but those who work there have always attended me with a smile and a lot of interest in my problems, always solving them.

I appreciate that you consider me a true Genius, but I would have appreciated more if you consulted me when using my image not very lucky, as you can see. I would have been delighted to have commented on all this with you and even recommended that you get in touch with a GUM Mac User Group , forums where you can really learn and enjoy apple devices, there they are true Genius I am not going to take the comment too seriously, since we are full of trolls in this world of the internet, and more makeup stories I have seen in fact it would not scare me to know that you are an employee there taking it as a joke.

But I am glad that the photograph is not taken the wrong way, in fact, it is appreciated that it is duly retouched to blur the face with the mere intention of not being recognizable. The hustle and bustle and the moment did not allow for a better or consensual photo. If you ever want to tell us about your experience in with an iBook you can use the contact section and we can arrange an interesting article.

PS: The photo seems lucky to me, since it combines its polo perfectly with the iBooks;. PD2: It is true that the iBook has the charging connector on the right, unlike modern models, so it does not seem that it is charging from this area. Well, I am very sorry that my comment does not seem serious to you, from which I deduce that you do not care about my experience with a jewel such as ibook IN FULL !!!!

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things:. No man, nothing is further from the truth, I just wanted to make a point that the registration method prevents me from knowing that it is really you, do not be offended, but we received a huge amount of troll comments that we must moderate, and we no longer distinguish well. I do not disqualify your opinion at all, you are all welcome here, I really appreciate it, I hope you liked the photo, seriously, but there is no problem if you want it to be further retouched to make it less recognizable.

It would be ideal if you contact the iPad News team to tell us about your experience with the iBook in , seriously, it is something that I commented a lot before uploading the photo with those who accompanied me in the Apple Store, I would like to know first-hand how it performs, we could write something interesting.

Summarizing 1. Apple offers you to expressly replace your terminal out of warranty by sending one to your home 2. You decide that you better go to the busiest Apple store to get it fixed 3. You go home with a solution in two hours. Try to do the same in the fnac, english court, media markt, etc…. That we are going to laugh seeing the end of the experience.

By the way, genius are only the ones who repair and take care of Macs problems. I'm saying this so you know and don't mess around too much. Never a genius will be next to an Apple TV or any other device explaining its use. They are technical. Dear Friend Miguel Hernandez, I have seen that you have written entries on this website, which I imagine will be very interesting so I want to help you so that your publications are a little more exact.

I am going to explain to you what is the name that is given to each store employee and their function, in this way you will avoid confusing readers when they read your articles:. There are many more positions inside the stores but these are the most visible to customers, I hope this will help you for your next publications. Well, this attempt to "discredit" the sun apple store does not suit me, I mean, broken equipment? Bad attention? What are you telling me? The issue does not square me much, it gives me that it would have been more like your attitude or something like that I have gone without an appointment and I only had to wait 10 min.

Whenever I have been they have treated me wonderfully, by appointment, without an appointment, for support, to ask silly things, to buy, for training, anyway More like I have read in other blog that in the store of Murcia the sat is not very fine, but come on, I do not know. Good, I do not understand the expiration of the guarantee that you comment here, if it is an iPhone 6, in October it would have 13 months since it came out in Spain.

We are 2 years old here, right? Therefore, they did not fix it out of warranty. It happens that in Europe and Switzerland, the guarantee of the first year of the equipment is offered to you by the person who manufactured the product. The one for the second year is offered to you by whoever sold it to you. It is normal that, if you buy an Apple phone through an operator or a non-Apple seller, the second year of warranty is offered by that reseller and not Apple.

Even so, Apple often takes into account your situation or your inability to go to the seller it can be online and, therefore, somewhat uncomfortable. It also happens that if, as a company, you have deducted VAT, the product only has a one-year warranty. It is all in the Law of Guarantees and in the Law of the Consumer. Furthermore, the second year warranty applies only in national territory, that is, where the product was purchased.

I completely agree with you. In the Apple Store in Sol I have always received the worst of the faces and a disastrous technical service. And that you go with an appointment that takes 3 or 4 days to give it to you and you arrive and they make you wait more than 30 minutes at least almost always.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, now I know that it doesn't just happen to me. The Apple Puerta del Sol is a real chaos, they make you wait an hour, they don't fix your problem, they are a disaster!!! We had the problem with a worker from Barcelona. He took out the sim from the old mobile to insert it into the new i-phone and broke it.

Then he wanted to put it back on the old cell phone and locked it. We were 3 days without a phone. A piece hands scissors!! I have had the worst possible experience at the Apple store in Puerta del Sol. I'm not going to elaborate on what surely any Apple customer can appreciate in that store: untidy, long waits despite having an appointment, little interest in solving problems, rush to finish and poor quality of customer service.

The technician who attended me on that occasion told me, while quickly manipulating my device, that the problem was caused by a series of applications that had to be removed and reloaded. I warned him that they had already tried in Mexico without success. He also eliminated them along with all the known networks and some other items that I could not understand or which ones or why because he did not bother to explain it to me.

I went home with a bad taste and had to retrieve the known networks one by one but thinking that the problem had been solved. A few days later the same thing happened again on several occasions. To document the case, I managed to take a screenshot of the iPhone when the window appeared warning that it would close due to low battery and I also took photos from the iPad to the iPhone screen when it restarted with enough battery.

I made an appointment again, they gave it to me for June 25, I arrived, waited at least an hour and a 'technician' attended to me who came to tell me that the problem was that I had 40 thousand photos on the device and had to be removed. I explained that these photos were stored in an Icloud storage space paid for by me monthly and that - according to my understanding - on the iPhone they only appeared in the background and counted for memory only when downloaded and added that even if they were not, I did not understand how the battery had to do with memory.

The technician began to raise his voice until he ended up yelling at me since he must think it was the only way to make himself understood. I asked him to stop yelling on several occasions but he didn't even listen to me because he kept talking above me until I also raised my tone and yelled at him. Then he took it to the tremendous and as a victim he went to the other colleagues who were attending at the same table and one of them assumed the typical corporatist role and yelled at me that if I did not like or understand the iPhone that he was going to buy me a android.

I was stunned. I asked him if he understood what he was saying. I told him that I had never received such a treatment in an official Apple store. I asked him for his name and he told me that he did not have to give it to me, I wanted to take a picture of him to make a claim and he approached me threateningly to tell me that his image was under data protection law I finally took it covertly.

I dialed to call the police and he, along with the technician who had 'attended' me, called in a security person, who stood about two meters away with the face of few friends. After explaining what had happened, he apologized with a small mouth and it did not solve the problem because, according to what he told me, I would have to make a new appointment. As soon as I had time and I was able to recover from the surprise and the bad experience, I contacted the Apple chat and the person who attended me in technical support behaved with professionalism, regretted what happened and assured me that 'that was not exactly the experience that Apple wants their customers to welcome.

Does this mean that Puerta del Sol has become a runaway Apple store? And do I have to travel about 70 km between roundtrip with Puerta del Sol 3 km away? I do not understand that this is the only solution that Apple can offer me.

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