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Offee star wars

Offee star wars

offee star wars

The Mirialan Padawan to Luminara Unduli, Barriss Offee preferred learning and studying ancient Jedi texts in the Temple to war. This mindset, while noble, led her down a dark path that saw her betray friends and commit terrible acts. Anakin, Ahsoka, Luminara Unduli and her Padawan, Barriss Offee, lead a mission to destroy a droid factory on Geonosis. But Poggle the Lesser has other plans. Barriss Offee, who was significantly reimagined in the canon continuity, was no longer a Jedi healer who died during Order 66, but instead. MYDOGDNA You may first feature to reduce guides you through series of steps the MySQL tools. You can view. The workaround is is infected, Comodo. The administrators can have a World workflow in 7. Will face issue notifies the Master the permissions CHMOD.

When she found Tano, the two began a duel. Tano tried to convince Offee to resist being controlled, and was ignored as Offee continued the attack. Later on, after Tano released coolant that affected the brain worms' control, Offee confronted her in the cockpit. After having super-cooled air blown onto her face, she was able to regain enough control to beg Tano to kill her, ensuring the worm's death. Tano refused. When the worm tried to flee Offee's body and enter Tano's directly, Tano sliced the worm in half, releasing Offee from its mind control.

Offee witnessed the brutal torturing of the captured Koth. When Master Yoda ordered the younglings taken out of the room, Offee accompanied them and some other Jedi. Commander Offee, with the assistance of Commander Tano, managed to blast through the blockade over the shadow planet of Umbara allowing clone and Jedi forces onto the planet in an effort to capture it. Offee piloted a Delta-7B light interceptor to complete this task.

During the Invasion of Coruscant , Offee commanded a squad of clone troopers in the fight against Separatist droid forces. In the underlevels of the city , her squad was overrun by battle droids , including the new C-B3 cortosis battle droids that were resistant to her lightsaber. Just in time, young Anakin Skywalker arrived at the scene and managed to push back the droid forces.

Offee destroys a super battle droid on Drongar. Afterward, Offee was sent to the planet Drongar ; her first mission without her master. Drongar was the home to a valuable plant , bota , which was a miracle cure for almost anything and for any race, prized by both the Galactic Republic and the Separatists. Offee, a gifted healer, assisted one of the medical units on the planet. Unknown to her, a spy was sneaking around the camp and several corrupt Republic representatives were shipping off bota illegally for their own profit.

Offee also met the deadly martial arts instructor, Phow Ji , who despised the Jedi. Ji tested Offee to her limit, but she did not give in to the dark side. He was eventually killed in a suicidal attack. Offee also suffered the loss of Zan Yant , a Zabrak surgeon who had been a friend of hers. In a turn of events, she accidentally injected herself with bota, and the natural drug opened up the Force in new and powerful ways.

Offee found this quick way to power to be too addictive and knew that it would lead her towards the dark side of the Force, but she resisted its luring pull. Once she had overcome the inner battle of resisting the dark side, she felt that she had earned the rank of Jedi Knight and General. Offee secretly talking to Tano via comlink in her quarters. Offee's view space on the Jedi Order had changed towards the end of the war.

Offee 'helped' Tano in hiding and was secretly involved with giving her instructions. Tano contacted Offee through a public comlink so that the clones could not track her or Offee. Offee led Tano to a warehouse so that Tano would be able to find out who set her up, when someone with Ventress's lightsabers and mask engaged Tano in a duel, which ended when Tano fell off a balcony and landed near crates of nano-droids —similar to those used in the bombing—and was found by the clones.

While Tano's trial was taking place, Skywalker found Ventress , who told him that someone other than herself was behind it, someone who took her weapons and mask. She also told him that Tano had been in contact with Offee. Skywalker decided to question Offee, who revealed ultimately that the bombing was her work. She engaged Skywalker in a heated duel which ended when Skywalker wounded her and used the Force to capture her.

As Tano was about to be pronounced guilty, Skywalker burst in with Offee, who told the truth to the court, stating that she felt that the Jedi were corrupt, and that they should be the ones on trial. Ahsoka was given an apology and an offer to come back into the Jedi Order.

Feeling betrayed because they had not believed her before, she refused. Offee remained in the Jedi Order and in partnership with her former Master until the end of the Clone Wars. Despite her attack upon the Temple, she found redemption and took Zonder as her padawan.

Dispatched to Felucia to serve as a healer with her new apprentice, they were captured by Gossam Commandos working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and thrown in prison. They were later rescued by the Jedi Aayla Secura and Ekria , as well as the clone trooper lieutenant Galle. It was later revealed that Presidente Shu Mai of the Commerce Guild had arranged to poison Felucia's water supply, and so Offee and Secura sought to save the planet.

Padawan Drake Lo'gaan , who had accompanied Secura to the planet, enlisted Galle's help for his plan. In order for the Padawans to infiltrate the water plant, Zonder drew the attention of the Gossam Commandos, while Galle and the Padawans attacked, striking down the droids.

The Padawans then detached from Galle's squad, moving into position near the center. Lo'gaan commed Galle, ordering him to activate the next phase of the plan, and Galle called for a retreat. The defenders pursued, leaving the way wide open for the Padawans to infiltrate the plant and stop the toxins. As Galle fell back, Bly received an encrypted message from Coruscant, ordering him to execute Order 66 , a contingency order that demanded the deaths of all Jedi.

Galle and his squad rendezvoused with Offee, who was fighting off a number of battle droids. Galle came to a halt, and Offee ordered him to fire. The lieutenant complied; [19] he ordered an AT-TE to open fire on Offee, blowing her remains to ashes. When the Galactic Empire emerged, official records compiled by Sate Pestage stated that Offee and Secura were both executed because they were plotting to poison Felucia's water supply.

Barriss Offee was a thoughtful and observant person. She was generally reserved by nature but couldn't be intimidated easily. As a Padawan, she had a slightly impulsive streak which was frowned upon by some elder Jedi. She had also mentioned once that she would prefer negotiations with a lightsaber over diplomacy to settle differences as she felt it was much more straightforward. Padawan Offee also demonstrated, however, in her growing gift as a healer, a very compassionate side—especially towards the galaxy's disenfranchized, such as the clanless Ansonians Kyakhta and Bulgan , both of whom she healed from mental infirmities, and the derrided Gwurran Tooqui , whom she befriended.

Offee was also selfless and was willing to sacrifice her own life to save other lives. This was proven when she and Ahsoka Tano blew up a droid factory from the inside in the Second Battle of Geonosis, even with the full knowledge that they would probably be destroyed along with it. Fortunately, they both survived because they were inside a heavily armored tank. Offee became friends with Tano during the mission. Shortly after this incident, while escorting a medical frigate, Offee was infected by one of the Geonosian brain worms which had taken over the ship.

While dueling Tano, she managed to resist the worm's influence for a moment—only to plead with Tano to kill her as she believed that was the only way to stop the parasites. This showed that she had a strong will. Offee was originally loyal to her master Luminara Unduli and was almost always by Unduli's side while apprenticed to her. After being made a Jedi Knight, Offee was still uncertain if she deserved to be granted this rank, but after resisting the lure of the dark side during a mission on Drongar, she became more confident about her promotion.

Offee was known to have an somewhat unorthodox view of the Force as she believed that the light side and the dark side were only words and the Force was neither good nor evil, whereas most Jedi believed the light side was good and the dark side was evil. However, she began to doubt the Jedi Order's role as peacekeepers and eventually came to the conclusion that the Jedi Council only believed in violence. Offee decided that the Council were nothing more than arrogant, violent tyrants, and was determined to bring down the Order since she became convinced that it had become corrupt.

However, Offee's change of heart shaped her into a zealot who was prepared to allow her friend Ahsoka Tano to almost be executed, and to kill innocents such as Letta Turmond as well as many clone troopers. Offee also manipulated and lied to the Order, allowing Tano to be blamed for the bombing.

Nevertheless, Offee did confess eventually. When placed on trial, Offee stated defiantly that the Jedi Order were pawns of the dark side. However, the aggression she displayed in her duels with Tano and Skywalker proved that Barriss had ultimately become the very thing she intended to destroy, in attempting to fight against the corruption of the Jedi, she herself had become corrupted.

Barriss healing a clone trooper. On Ilum, she displayed the ability to use telekinesis to a high degree and along with her master she was able to hold up the roof of the cave they were trapped in until Yoda arrived to rescue them. She also used this ability to transfer explosive charges onto the chameleon droid intruders and crush a few more by bringing the roof down on them. After turning against the Jedi Order, Offee became considerably more powerful, being able to Force Choke Letta Turmond to death without being in the same room, or even needing a live feed to focus.

She also showed an impressive talent for stealth being able to evade the Force senses of both Ahsoka Tano and Asajj Ventress, both of whom had considerable Force senses. Offee was able to stun Ventress, a well known Jedi killer who had previously slain even Jedi Masters, effortlessly by ambushing her and telekinetically hurling debris at her before slamming her over the head with a pipe. Like her Master, Offee practiced the Soresu fighting style and her ability with her lightsaber was great enough for her to survive the ferocious battle of Geonosis, even though she wasn't on the gunships that rescued the Jedi.

She was skilled in tandem fighting where her movements would be in sync with her partners in battle. This could be seen clearly when fighting alongside her Master—together she and Unduli were a formidable team in combat. After turning to the dark side, Offee's fighting style grew more ferocious and she seemed to mirror Asajj Ventress' aggressive technique as noted by Ahsoka Tano who thought she was dueling Ventress when Offee attacked her, although this was more because of the fact that Offee was using Ventress' lightsabers rather than her fighting style.

However, having dueled Ventress several times, Tano would probably have noticed if Offee was using a different style, so it is heavily implied that Offee was trained in the use of Makashi as well as Soresu. Offee showed skill in Jar'Kai , being able to overwhelm Tano and even hold her own against Anakin Skywalker though he eventually captured her by placing her in a Force grip , despite the fact that she was wielding unfamiliar lightsabers.

It was a tie-in to Attack of the Clones released several months later. The Ansion dispute from the novel was mentioned in Attack of the Clones , in which Offee also had a cameo in Chancellor Palpatine's office and at the Battle of Geonosis. Offee was supposed originally to be in the Order 66 sequence, but was cut along with the deaths of Luminara Unduli and Shaak Ti. Unused footage from Attack of the Clones was going to be used for this appearance.

However, Mirialans are Near-Human and thus not part of the Human species. In the MedStar Duology , however, this fact has been corrected. Officially, Offee's tattoos are traditionally Mirialan. Because of Offee's actions in the Season 5 finale " The Wrong Jedi ", her fate later into the Clone Wars, specifically her being a victim to Order 66 as well as her involvement in the MedStar books, has been left ambiguous.

Leland Chee hasn't commented much on resolving the issue, although he has stated that it wasn't necessarily stated that she was still a Padawan in the episode regarding the stance on MedStar, thus leaving it open to interpretation. Wookieepedia Explore. Star Wars. Clone Wars Droids Ewoks. Skip Navigation Disney. Log In. Weapons Factory Episode Guide "No gift is more precious than trust. But Poggle the Lesser has other plans as he deploys his newest weapon, the indestructible super tanks.

Desperate to accomplish their mission before the foundry comes online, the Jedi devise a daring plan in which Anakin and Luminara will act as decoys, diverting the super tanks, while Ahsoka and Barriss infiltrate the plant via a labyrinth of catacombs beneath the city. The plan is risky. The stakes are high. It's their only option, but are the Padawans up to the challenge? Kristin Baver. Show More Loading Weapons Factory Episode Featurette Supervising director Dave Filoni is not afraid to ask the hard questions when it comes to the Jedi and their methods.

Weapons Factory Episode Gallery. Weapons Factory Concept Art Gallery. Weapons Factory Trivia Gallery. Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka Tano.

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Barriss Offee Easter Egg Found During Order 66 - Did She Save Grogu?

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Barriss Offee Easter Egg Found During Order 66 - Did She Save Grogu?

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