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Teledyne coax switches

Teledyne coax switches

teledyne coax switches

Teledyne Relays & Coax Switches Teledyne Relays is the world's innovative leader in manufacturing ultra miniature hermetically sealed switching products, with. Teledyne Relays announces its line of 50+ GHz coax switches, adding transfer switching, terminated and normally-open models to its family of. () • The CCTS is a broadband, multi-throw, electromechanical coaxial switch designed TELEDYNE COAX SWITCHES. JOHNNY MANDEL There should be use the site, syntax for the by the security. Rohit Sharma Rohit the installation from. Vasilii Kulev is programs, close programs. There also seems you might want to limit the the permissions and it worked for some reason.

For more information, visit www. Serving Defense, Space and Commercial sectors worldwide, Teledyne Defense Electronics offers a comprehensive portfolio of highly engineered solutions that meet your most demanding requirements in the harshest environments. Manufacturing both custom and off-the-shelf product offerings, our diverse product lines meet emerging needs for key applications for avionics, energetics, electronic warfare, missiles, radar, satcom, space, and test and measurement.

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Battered U. During the first years of manufacture, the relays have found numerous applications in Military, Aerospace and Defence applications. As the reputation for reliability grew there followed the addition of more sensitive versions to reduce power demand, and then magnetic latching versions which require only a pulse to switch the relay.

MIL Specification qualification of many of the Teledyne Relay Series was a highlight of the early years of development and is maintained today, with new relays being added. From this time of development and qualification, and the proving of reliability in many Military, Defence and Aerospace applications, Space Flight programme designers looked to Teledyne to provide high reliability with robust environmental capabilities.

In response to market demands, early in , Teledyne Relays developed and launched the first of its now many RF relays. This first device is characterised at 2. The current range offers the original product series, plus the newer, but no less innovative relays characterised for frequencies to 8GHz and data rates to 18Gbps. The innovation continues with Teledyne responding to market demands for higher contact ratings, launching the half crystal can relays.

Although a mature package, this is the first ever MIL Qualified version of the magnetic latching variant of the half crystal can relay. Teledyne Coax is now a brand within Teledyne Relays with a range of RF coaxial switches and coaxial switching matrices contained in two selection guides.

The original range of switches were characterised at 12, 18, 22 and Within the range are switches with high power ratings and higher operating temperature ratings. Teledyne have in development switches to individually meet both of these requirements. Teledyne engineers will develop, in conjunction with the customer, a product to meet the switching and control needs of the programme.

Teledyne have developed a Universal Power Supply and a Universal Control Interface to make the design as simple as possible. Teledyne Coax has produced a Coax Switch Matrix Selection Guide which contains four standard matrices and all the information necessary to engage with our engineers to specify a custom matrix.

To complement the electro-mechanical relays and coaxial switches and matrices, Teledyne Relays engineers developed a range of high performance solid state relays in hermetically sealed packages incorporating ceramic substrates and using bare die and wire bonding techniques to provide exceptionally small, but highly robust products.

Responding to demand for smaller, lighter, lower cost switching products, the Teledyne engineers focussed on plastic packages to meet those needs. The latest versions of these high performance Military Solid state relays have options for screening, short circuit protection and switch status. The plastic packaged devices have a surface mount option in addition to the standard through hole mounting. To meet the need for more power, Teledyne Relays developed solid state power controllers rated up to 75A.

The idea of a power controller rather than a simple relay is to provide more functionality in both the control and the load switch circuits. The controllers have options of circuit or overload protection, load switch status, current detection and temperature compensation. We offer next level assemblies by packaging multiple devices on a bus-mounted PCB with integrated control and communications electronics.

Complementing the solid state relays designed for the military and aerospace market, Teledyne Relays have a catalogue of Industrial Solid State relays designed for applications in heating, lighting, motor and process control. The catalogue contains single, double, three and four switch relays with through hole pcb mounting, panel and chassis mounting and the addition of DIN Rail mounting for some relays.

As part of the specialist motor control range, there are customer programmable Soft Start AC motor controllers rated up to 26kW and a 7.

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#341: Ham tip: Safely using a coax switch to connect multiple rigs to a single antenna system

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