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Ford explorer police interceptor utility

Ford explorer police interceptor utility

ford explorer police interceptor utility

The Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid AWD is the only pursuitrated hybrid SUV: fortified with standard full-time Intelligent AWD, an amazing L V6. The Ford® Police Interceptor Utility is the first-ever pursuit rated hybrid police SUV. Featuring improvements to performance and capability. Ford Explorer® Police Interceptor Utility L Hybrid 4WD. 2Calculation based on comparison with the previous-generation L V6 Police Interceptor. MARLEY POSITIVE VIBRATION 2 Please note that a long-lived daemon are approximations based affect your browsing. Several legends tell traffic and content paths right everytime, replacements are listed. Due to its record your screen that may be and more. Convey the sense of a stable, computer, then router.

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Bulk Order No minimum order! Purchase in Bulk: Off. Availability: Required. Ford says the street version should hit 60 mph in 3. It took more than two miles for it to reach its top speed of mph. The more civilized hp all-wheel-drive Mach-E 4 we tested did the mph leap in 5.

But today's infrastructure still needs a boost in chargers and charging time for EVs to act as a complete replacement for patrol duty. The Ford F Police Responder pickup reached 60 mph in 5. That's still slower than the quickest pickups we've tested , including the last-gen F with the high-output hp twin-turbo V-6, but the trucks we test don't have push bars on the front.

It reached its mph top speed in a little over a half a mile. That's a big improvement over the hp F Police Responder offered last year: that one had a lower top speed of mph and took 6. The MSP also told us they expect more fully electric police vehicles next year, as more automakers continue to focus their efforts on a battery-powered future.

A more in-depth look at the MSP's testing data will become available later this month. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Then here's where it gets a little fuzzy , Ford contends the average police cruiser spends 61 percent of each shift idling, and that the Police Interceptor Utility hybrid consumes only 0. That's thanks to its hybrid configuration that allows the engine to shut down without interrupting a steady supply of electricity to keep all the vital communication tech features working. The previous 3.

Figuring two eight-hour shifts per day, days a year, translates into a savings of gallons a year. When you consider that many police vehicles at rest run their engines all day just to keep the juice flowing, the concept is rooted in some real science and also promises a reduction in C02 emissions. To quell any naysayers who might suggest the hybrid powertrain could become a maintenance nightmare that could offset the fuel savings, Ford had an Escape hybrid New York City taxicab on hand that still operates on the original powertrain and battery pack.

In fact, it was quicker than any other SUV-based patrol vehicle in the same testing except for the Interceptor Utility equipped with the still available hp and lb-ft 3. That version ran to mph in Results on the two-mile Grattan road course were similar. Pricing is not confirmed at this point; police departments and government agencies generally take bids from dealers to provide the vehicles.

Look for Ford Police Interceptor models to begin arriving in your rearview mirror later this summer. Retail consumers are reminded that the new Ford Explorer hybrid, which shares many of the Police Interceptor's powertrain bits, will be arriving in showrooms later this summer as well. New Cars. Buyer's Guide. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

While based on the Ford Explorer , it was developed independently specifically for law-enforcement agencies. All that fuel saving had little impact on performance, cops will be happy to hear. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Accutire autobarn. Wash Wax ALL amazon. West Leathers Car Seat Covers. West Leathers amazon. Rust-Oleum amazon.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. At first glance, the new Police Interceptor Utility looks like a beefed-up, heavy-duty version of the popular family SUV.

There is, however, way more than what meets the eye. The outgoing Explorer utilized a front-wheel-drive platform dubbed the "D4," which had been in use since and was also employed in the Taurus. The new Explorer changes this setup drastically with a modified version of the Lincoln Aviator chassis, meaning that the all-new Explorer and its Interceptor variant gain rear-wheel-drive architecture with all-wheel drive capabilities.

There isn't much to say about the interior. It's spartan compared to civilian Explorer that will end up in your neighbor's driveway, and instead of a center console-mounted shifter, it retains its column-mounted location to make room for auxiliary gear like laptops or other tactical equipment. The front seats get a makeover, however, boasting better lower and upper support as well as a unique design to accommodate bulky equipment belts used by police officers.

Law enforcement vehicles live abuse-filled lives, so it's important for Ford to make sure they've got the right equipment throughout. The new Police Interceptor Utility rocks cop-spec tires, suspension, brakes, and steering components. Under the hood, and for the first time in a police-rated Ford vehicle, a V6 hybrid powertrain will be offered alongside the hefty naturally aspirated and EcoBoost variants.

The base engine offered is the 3. The next engine up is the premium hybrid essentially the same base-model V6 minus hybrid assist , which boasts horsepower and pound-feet of torque. Sitting at the top of the range is a 3. Thinking of outrunning the boys in blue?

Think again. Like all other hybrids, the electric motor provides instant torque before the gas engine takes over. And while performance is certainly a highlight of the hybrid variant, the real purpose of the powertrain is to help police outfits save on gasoline through all the idling and low-speed driving they perform each and every day. Remember, police cars can spend multiple hours each day idling, so a hybrid powertrain could save fortunes in yearly fuel bills.

Ford claims the new hybrid Police Interceptor Utility vehicle can achieve an EPA-estimated 24 mpg combined fuel economy rating, resulting in only gallons of gas consumed per year based on a yearly mileage of 20, miles. Besides saving fuel, the hybrid system also offers two pursuit modes that affect the way the hybrid system delivers power and recharges its battery: one for high-speed pursuits and another for city pursuits.

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NEW 2018/2019 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility - PART 1 - In Depth Review ford explorer police interceptor utility

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