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Mario party 10 wii u

Mario party 10 wii u

mario party 10 wii u

At its core, Mario Party 10 is just another Mario Party game, but it is also the best one. Smash Brothers and Mario Kart are superior “gamers'. 30% Discount on Mario Party™ 10 (Wii U). Just for You offer. Wii U. Points. Gold Points. Create a Nintendo Account to start earning My Nintendo points. Mario Party 10 is a party video game. Developed by NDcube and published by Nintendo for the Wii U, it is the tenth main installment in the Mario Party. CAPCAT The main display Naming The boundary with the best organizing bookmark easy shows up on. The database layer parameters can also by a single-unit. Click on Install. What is netbook intended for use.

One player gets to control Bowser using the gamepad and stop the heroes which are controlled by four other players from reaching the end of the board. Exclusive minigames can also be played in bowser mode. We are proud to offer a expansive range of video games, gaming collectibles and popular technologies at most affordable price and in a simple manner. Tell me more Ecommerce Software by Shopify. Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. Sold Out.

Traditional Modes: Play as Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach or any of over 24 characters in the improved environment of Mushroom Village and be the one to cross the board first among other players. Bowser Mode: Mario Party 10 celebrates another first in the series as a playable Bowser gets the right to crush Mario and friends in his very own mode!

If there is a tie for a position, the position in which no one takes that spot is skipped, and the characters that tie will exit the pipe next to each other, doing their respective poses simultaneously based on if they placed first or not. The number of coins that will come out of a pipe is based on the number of coins the player in that place had, and after the last coin comes out, the character will jump out of the pipe and do a victory animation if placed 1st or a failure animation if placed outside 1st.

Once the camera reaches the gold pipe and the character jumps out, the words "Congratulations! The Ranking screen in this mode is displayed the same way as the Mario Party mode in a board and in amiibo Party mode, except that they lack Coin , Star or Mini Star symbols altogether and that the player labels that say P1, P2, etc. The "View Details" button replaces the "View Graph" button from the other modes, and pressing that button changes the screen to another page that displays how many coins each player won in a specific round; if the respective minigame was a Chance Minigame, the values shown here will be twice as normal for that round.

No matter how many rounds are set, 20 Mario Party Points are always awarded at the end of each Coin Challenge game. Players can also tap an amiibo to get bases and bonus Mario Party Points with a scratch card. However, only amiibo with Mario Party 10 data can earn bases, while others can only earn Mario Party Points.

Once all of the bases are collected for an amiibo, the amiibo also gets scratch cards for the amiibo Bonus. Minigame Tournament is a bonus game mode for up to eight players, the only mode in the game to allow that many players. Because only four Wii Remotes can be connected to the Wii U at once, pass and play is enforced when playing with five or more human players.

The game starts with eight players divided into two groups of four. The first group consists of odd player numbers, and the second group consists of even player numbers. This is decided based on the order the characters are picked. The players in each respective group face off in a minigame, with first and second advancing to the next round and third and fourth being eliminated.

If a minigame is only between CPU contestants, the minigame will be skipped and results will be simulated. Ties are decided by dice rolls unless the tie is between two players in 3rd place. Before a minigame begins, each player must grab the for their character and press the button to confirm.

When playing with five or more human players, after the first group plays, the players who played that minigame must hand over the to the other players. After both groups have finished their minigames, the game moves on to the second round, and another minigame is played. Like with the first round, the top two players advance to the final round and the bottom two are eliminated.

In the final round, the top two competitors must play one last minigame; the victor player then wins the tournament. Bowser Challenge is a bonus single-player game mode. The single player plays all ten Bowser minigames, attempting to make the four computer players lose as many hearts as possible. Computer players always have six hearts to start each minigame. For every computer player that is knocked out by losing all six hearts, the player receives three bonus hearts. The total number of hearts lost by the computer players in all ten minigames, plus the bonus hearts for knocking out computer players, is the player's score.

Once the player completes all of the minigames, Bowser gets a new throne, with the design of the throne depending on how many hearts are in the total. There are a total of thirteen playable characters in Mario Party Of these characters, two Rosalina and Spike are playable for the first time in the series.

Bowser is not playable in Mario Party mode, but is playable in other modes, and, despite previously being playable in Mario Party 4 's Beach Volley Folly minigame, he is considered to be a new playable character [5]. Toadette and Spike are unlockable through the Shop in Toad's Room. Also, Donkey Kong makes his first full playable appearance in the series since Mario Party 4. In addition, Toadette returns after being the first, and currently only, character to be in one numbered Mario Party installment, removed from a future numbered installment, and then re-added in a later numbered installment.

Note: There are three different exclusive vehicles in each board, one available from the start and the other two purchasable from Toad's Room for Mario Party Points each. They all have the same purpose of carrying the characters around a board, but their type depends on the board's theme for example, submarines are used in Whimsical Waters while aircraft-like vehicles are used in Airship Central.

Mario Party 10 features a grand total of 75 minigames, which is only slightly less than the 81 each in both Mario Party 9 and Mario Party: Island Tour. The minigame categories are much the same as in previous Mario Party installments: free-for-all minigames pit all four players against each other, 1 vs. Boss minigames from Mario Party 9 also return with no changes to the basic formula; players compete against each other to defeat a boss.

Yet also returning from Mario Party 9 are Bowser Jr. A new category of minigames known as "Bowser Battles" are exclusive to Bowser Party mode, and involve Bowser attacking up to four other players in an attempt to deplete as many hearts as possible.

Lastly, extra minigames are minigames which do not fit into any of the general categories and thus have their own sections in the Bonus Games; Badminton Bash and Jewel Drop are the only two extra minigames. In amiibo Party, Tokens can be used. The player can save them to their amiibo to use at the start of another party. Tokens spawn on the board after a star is collected, and disappear after a few turns.

The player can only hold one, they can be used once each turn, and each one will have a different effect. There is a total of 34 Tokens:. Mario Party 10 received largely mixed reviews. Most criticism was directed towards the Mario Party mode as being too luck-based and the amiibo Party mode as being too bare-bones, though praise was directed towards the minigame varieties and the Bowser Party mode.

It currently holds a score of Samuel Claiborn of IGN gave the game a 6. It's hard not be suckered in by that classic Nintendo charm, the bright colours, the jangly music, Mario yelling "it's-a-me! But they're not, and once you're over the sight of Mario and friends riding along in a Boo-inspired ghost train, the game's mildly amusing take on a family board game wears thin.

Mario Party 10 is the tenth best-selling game for the Wii U with 2. However, this was likely an early idea, as only Bowser Jr. Also in the E3 demo of Mario Party 10 , the characters used Mario Party 9 winning and losing animations. The fireballs in Bowser's Bad Breath had a different appearance.

Additionally, the controls for Bowser in Bowser's High Dive were originally made to have the GamePad tilt left and right, though the final game instead uses the touch screen. Additionally, in an early gameplay of Bowser Party, the meter that showed the amount of spaces Bowser was from catching up with the Mario Team, and the bar that showed Team Mario's health both had a different appearance.

Mario, Luigi , Peach and Yoshi. While Rosalina's former voice actress, Kerri Kane , was listed in the voice credits misspelled as Kerry Kane , this was a mistake, as Laura Faye Smith provided the clips used in Mario Party From the Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia. Optical disc. Digital download. Wii U GamePad. Wii Remote. Rosalina Board. Donkey Kong Board. The Western left and Japanese right cover art differences.

Retrieved August 15, Digital Spy. I think the only long [ Retrieved June 16, Retrieved October 23, Meta categories: Articles under construction Pages with audio files. In other languages Deutsch Italiano. Mario Party 10 For alternate box art, see the game's gallery. ESRB :. PEGI :. CERO :. ACB :. USK :. Wii U: Optical disc Digital download. The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom , Mario never hesitates to jump into action — especially when there's a party happening!

He may have spent his fair share of time in his brother Mario's shadow, but Luigi's never one to shy from the shining spotlight. This regal ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom always throws her crown into the ring when Mini-Stars are at stake! Loyal, lovable, lively: Toad's list of qualities is longer than he is tall, and he'll use every one of his abilities to come out on top.

The green gobbler has attended every Mario Party to date, and Flutter Jumps back into the fun this time around. Driven by a greed for all things shiny and valuable, Wario can't wait to get his hands on more Mini-Stars and Coins. Wild of moustache and every bit as devious as his accomplice Wario, the purple-garbed Waluigi returns for more mischief.

Never one to turn down an invitation, this Sarasaland princess's tomboyish streak stands her in good stead for the hustle and bustle of Mario Party. He's finally back to kick some tail! After a break on the sidelines, the swinging king of the jungle is rolling out the barrel as a playable character once again.

The big, bruising king of the Koopas makes his playable Mario Party debut, wreaking havoc on Team Mario in the brand new Bowser Party mode! Donkey Kong. Bowser Spaces also will not cause negative effects on this amiibo. Note: Use of the golden edition Mario amiibo will turn the Mario figure that appears on the board into Gold Mario , although he is not present in the minigames. The same happens when the silver edition Mario amiibo is scanned, but with Silver Mario rather than Gold Mario.

Mega Goomba. Mega Sledge Bro. Mega Cheep Chomp. Mega Monty Mole. Mega Mechakoopa. Mega Goomba's Ladder Leap. Mega Sledge Bro's Card Chaos. Mega Cheep Chomp's Shell Shock. Mega Monty Mole's Maze Mischief. Petey Piranha. King Boo. Mega Blooper. King Boo's Tricky Tiles. Mega Blooper's Bubble Battle.

Kamek's Rocket Rampage. Bowser's Wicked Wheel. Beeline Shrine. Cheep Cheep Leap. Fruit of the Doom. Cliffside Crisis. Appears as a background element in the Luigi Board. Bowser Jr. Appears as a board feature in the Bowser Board. Appears as a board feature in Chaos Castle in Bowser Party mode only. Appears as a background element in the Bowser Board. Appears as a board feature in Chaos Castle. Appears as a board feature in Whimsical Waters.

Bowser's Fire Bar Fury. Ice Slide, You Slide. Fuzzy Fliers Appears as a board feature in Airship Central. Goomba Gallop Goomba Gotcha. Appears as a background element in the Mario Board. Appears on a placard hanging from a dead tree in the Luigi Board. Hop, Drop, and Roll. Bouncy Brawl Bubble Squabble. Appears as a background element in the Rosalina Board. Peepa Panic Appears as a background element in Haunted Trail. Badminton Bash Keep-Away Mayhem 1 vs. Appears as a board feature in the Peach Board.

Appears as a spectator in various minigames. Appears as a background element in the Normal Board. Appears as a background element in the Yoshi Board. Bowser's Painball. Spiked Ball Scramble.

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A lot of cool gameplay elements from across the series will be returning along with exciting new characters, boards, minigames and modes!

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Mobil 1 turbo diesel Tokens spawn on the board after a star is collected, and disappear after a few turns. Special Event Space. Download as PDF Printable version. ESRB :. If a main player has lost all their hearts, they can be brought back into play if the others can earn some additional hearts on the board; while inactive, they can provide the group with special dice to use.
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If you pre-order less than 7 days before the release date, payment will be taken immediately upon purchase. Don't worry if your amiibo already has save data from Super Smash Bros. Players with amiibo can turn the tables with Tokens! Collect them as you move around the board, then use them to move closer to the Star, steal Coins from an opponent, and more.

Get the upper hand next time by saving a Token to your amiibo to use in the future! Find out more at our amiibo website. See all the available amiibo and learn what they can do in compatible games at our amiibo website. Visit website. You are about to leave the Nintendo of Europe site. Nintendo of Europe is not responsible for the content or security of the site you are about to visit.

Thank you for visiting the Nintendo website! You have been randomly chosen to take part in a brief survey. By taking a few minutes to share your thoughts and opinions, you will be helping us to improve our website. For more information about this product, please use the button below.

Overview Orders Address book Nintendo Account details. How about Nintendo Switch Family. Nintendo eShop. Ultimate Tournament Portal Events. Nintendo 3DS Family. Stay in touch. Important information about the discontinuation of the Miiverse service The Miiverse service has now ended. PEGI 7. Nintendo Selects This game is now available as part of the Nintendo Selects range, a series of top-notch software that offers varied gaming experiences!

Please make sure you have enough storage to complete the download. The details of the offer are displayed based on the country settings of your Nintendo Account. This product contains technological protection measures. Share on:. A bounty of boards. More about amiibo See all the available amiibo and learn what they can do in compatible games at our amiibo website. See compatible amiibo. Download version Wii U. System Wii U European version. Age rating PEGI 7.

Download size How to download this title. Wii U. Mario Party. Cancel Continue. Dear visitor, Thank you for visiting the Nintendo website! Naturally, any information provided by you in this survey will be treated in confidence. Instead, it serves variable roles, sitting as a second screen for most game modes. My fault for not reading the instructions, I suppose.

So far as I could tell, MP10 doesn't offer a pass-the-controller option for those with only a Game Pad, since the constant minigames require everyone to be able to play simultaneously. Between the need for each player to have a Wii Remote and the fact that the game encourages everyone to come equipped with their own individual Amiibos for one of the game's three main modes, Mario Party 10 is much more expensive than the list price would indicate. With only three controllers for four players, one of us had to sit out.

The boys volunteered their sister, because big brothers are warm and loving creatures. Lily fortunately didn't seem to mind; she wasn't particularly invested in the game to begin with, and seemed happy to watch. Most of the time, she stood behind me and tapped her Princess Peach Amiibo to the back of my head any time the game required a player to touch their Amiibo to the Game Pad; she found this to be the height of hilarity. I suppose play value is where you find it.

The boys wanted to jump immediately into Bowser Party, but given the nature of that particular mode I could tell it would result in chaos and violence and decided to save it for the end of the review session. Amiibo Party plays more or less like classic Mario Party, with players individually taking turns moving around a game board.

Victory goes not to whomever makes it around the greatest number of times or collects the most coins but instead to whomever hits the most of the specific spaces that allow them to gather Stars. Once a Star is gathered, another Star appears in one of a handful of other random spaces, and this variability makes the game wildly unpredictable. That's the Mario Party trademark, I suppose. An ace player can't count on a win, because there's a better-than-even chance that sheer luck of the draw will spoil things.

Case in point: I played "better" than my young competitors, earning a frightful number of coins and destroying them in most minigames, and I still came in dead last simply because I didn't happen to luck into Stars as often as they did. And while that unpredictability can be infuriating in a game like Mario Kart, I don't mind it so much here.

It would have been boring if, as the more experienced player, I had walked all over the others. Instead, the unpredictable nature of the Stars ensured that no matter how well I played, my nephews could outfox me by smartly or luckily warping to where the Stars would appear. The difference between Amiibo Party and standard Mario Party comes down to one feature, basically: Amiibos. While I'd like to say the presence of Amiibos radically changes the game experience, I'd be lying.

Instead, their role is entirely theatrical. Each player has to tap his or her Amiibo to the Game Pad in order to take a turn. This serves no purpose that I can discern except to encourage players to buy an Amiibo. But they don't even have to do that; Amiibo Party works without Amiibos, too. Amiibos don't level up or offer any other niceties, so they basically amount to busywork.

I lost count of how many times Cooper's turn would come up and he'd attempt to roll his dice without first touching Mario to the Game Pad — which would cause nothing to happen, of course. So ultimately all Amiibos are really good for is wasting time. I suspect Lily probably got more enjoyment from goofing around with her Princess Peach Amiibo than anyone actually playing the game did.

Verdict: A fairly entertaining board game. Amiibos have no material impact on the actual gameplay and simply serve as an expensive gatekeeping device to encourage kids to buy a hunk of plastic that serves only a minor cosmetic role. Everyone agreed this mode looked boring and stupid after Amiibo Party and insisted on skipping it in favor of moving directly to Bowser Party for the remainder of the afternoon.

Bowser Party and Mario Party are actually nearly identical in concept: Up to four players with AI characters taking up the slack if fewer than four are playing advance along the board together via car, with Bowser following in hot pursuit and forcing the players into minigames any time he catches up with the player party.

The only difference between the two versions is that Bowser Party allows one player to take control of Bowser, becoming the antagonist to the other players. I could tell what kind of experience we were in for when the squabbling kicked off before we even began: Both boys wanted to take the role of Bowser. I made them take turns.

And who wouldn't want to be Bowser? Bowser gets all the perks. He gets to roll four or five dice instead of two, and he even enjoys the board game equivalent of rubber band A. Infuriatingly, Bowser Jr. He was playing as Bowser, and cackled to get such an unfair advantage over the competition. Bowser Party is also the one instance in which the Game Pad comes into play for a single player — naturally, Bowser uses it to control his side of the one-versus-four minigames.

As if that player didn't have enough advantages already. Bowser Party's minigames, which appear somewhat at random, are exactly the same as the ones in Mario Party mode except of course for the fact that they're being controlled by a single player rather than A. These minigames already inherently have a more hostile tone than the more classic-style minigames from Amiibo Party, tending more toward timed survival than contests to score the most points, and their nature makes for a weirdly aggressive play experience The problem with Bowser Party mode is that it feels entirely too stacked against the car-bound players.

Besides the massive advantages given to Bowser, the board tends to throw a few too many annoyances in the other players' way to feel entirely fair. Obstructions, lost progress, and more practically ensure the Bowser player has a chance to force the rest of the group into minigames every single round. Even more annoyingly, the final few spaces of the board are loaded with traps and disadvantages, making the task of advancing those final few spaces feel unreasonably difficult.

You know how a game of Trivial Pursuit usually grinds to a tedious halt once everyone has all their pieces and struggles to get the exact roll they need to reach the center space? Bowser Party ends like that, except with some jerk messing with you at the end of every single round.

It's not much fun for the people trying to reach the end, but clearly the boys enjoyed their turn in the villain's shoes. Well, claws. When forced to play with me in the car, my nephews seemed sullen and resentful; when allowed — nay, required — to be jerks as Bowser, however, it was a different story altogether. I suppose that's a sign of a good game, to elicit such wildly varied emotions from players Verdict: Insanely fun for whoever plays Bowser, much less enjoyable for everyone else.

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