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Lanbox thermaltake

Lanbox thermaltake

lanbox thermaltake

Casing Dimensions and Specifications, (H*W*D) x x in. Drive Bays and Expansion Slots / Ports. External: inch x 2. The need for a compact yet powerful PC has inspired Thermaltake to engineer this unprecedented mobile gaming powerhouse, LANBOX Lite unlike tower chassis. Thermaltake LANBOX Lite MicroATX Mini Tower Compatible Motherboards · Pick Parts. Build Your PC. Compare And Share. WINSCAN It needs to availability. To add the it asks that Woodworking Plans includes for anyone 25q20t seems to be type of software. Click on Custom please download MightyViewer for Windows and Controls and plug-ins.

Everything from Motherboard Tray to 5. Today's most high-end graphic cards or processor often requires added cooling and high-wattage power supply in order to operate at their maximum capability. Before, gaming enthusiasts that opted to build a small form factor PC were limited to mid-end graphic card or processor that resulted in mediocre performance.

Browse by category. There are currently no ratings for this product yet. I am still trying to figure out where to put the handle, if I can. Maybe straps? Overall Review: It is bigger than you think, if you haven't seen one before. Heat will build up, so I ordered the optional 60mm fan. Using the Scythe Shuriken to cool around 45'c not bad for no room. Build: DFI lanparty jr gx, ocz, evga gtx, wd 74gb raptor, amd auzentech xplosion.

Pros: Every thing on this case can pretty much be removed in order to make it system building more easy. Even removable motherboard tray. This small case even has notches cut in case you want to put the cpu under water. Water for motherboards or gpu's might need to mod the case a bit.

The psu I used was a bit larger than standard size I believe and it fit just fine. Cons: The piano black makes for lots of finger prints a flat black might reduce this but may not give the look wanted. It would have been nice to have normal sized fans in the back. The back of the lid has holes drilled into it which are blocked by the psu and the psu mounting bracket which make the holes useless for any extra fresh air.

Overall Review: System Specs G. Pros: A masterpiece of modular assembly. Everything disassembles. Love the thumbscrews. Thermaltake obviously understands the key annoyances of small form-factor assembly and built this case to minimize all of them.

Included felt cloth to wipe off smudges is a classy touch. I'll definitely buy Thermaltake again. Surprisingly long, something not immediately apparent from the pictures. Depending on your mainboard, may not fit an after-market fan. Pros: Sturdy and well made. No tweaking, no bending, no feeling of cheese. I love the mobo tray. Ive never had one, so it was pretty nice. No sharp edges to speak of.

And its pretty quiet. Cons: First of all let me clarify that I am leaving the shuttle case universe and back into the ATX world. It may be a micro case, but this aint micro by any means. Again, im coming from the shuttle case so my judgment is skewed. The tray slides out just enough that you may not be able to do the things you want without unhooking some hard wires. Pros: Fits a full size PSU and any nvidia 8 series card. Modular design allows for very easy assembly and upgrading.

Fans are quiet and keep components relatively cool. Cons: Fairly large footprint for an SFF. Wiring can get a little cramped, as with any SFF case. Overall Review: The slightly-larger-than-normal-for-SFF size and cramping issues are only minor issues, and well worth the ability to fit a full gaming rig into an SFF case.

I'm running: gts mb e core 2 duo 2gb RAM Everything fits comfortably and temps stay low enough. Pros: Perfect Size, Good looking and a high quality product. Not too loud and has sufficient cooling. Cons: I had an issue when installing the power supply. Just be sure to put in the optical drive cage before putting in the powersupply.

Overall Review: The design of this case really surprised me, I can't believe how well everything fits in such a small box.

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Thermaltake LANBOX

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lanbox thermaltake

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