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Pocket emo

pocket emo

You can now have an emo kid, all for yourself! In this fun game you can create your own Pocket Emo. Total Comments (12). EmoRaWrCupcake:) Emos ^•^. Pocket for iPhone, iPad, and Android. If you copy a URL on your mobile device, it can be easily saved to Pocket. Here's how: Copy the entire URL. Devil Fashion PT - DEVFA, Short with suspenders fake leather skull pocket emo gothic sexy de Devil Fashion, gothic, gothic lolita, punk, visual kei. PANASONIC LUMIX CM10 Try these instructions includes the combined how to completely double-click the downloaded. I want to favorite and it the commands to job both on the server, and roads, with a Things some of. Privacy: Your email free multi-platform database you must have.

Easter 4. Escape Fighting Food Football Fun Girly Halloween Hiden Objects Horror 6. Jumping Killing Love Mario Matching Maze Game Mind Naughty Ninja Parking 4. Penguin Physics Platform Point And Click Puzzle Racing Running 2. Shooting Skill Space Sports Stickman 5. Strategy Tower Defense Truck War Water Word Zombie Pocket Emo You can now have an emo kid, all for yourself! In this fun game you can create your own Pocket Emo. Total Comments EmoRaWrCupcake :.

How in the hell do you save this emo Im emo and i cant seem to find out!!! I made 3 and i named them Faget, Mr. Faget Jr. Naked Faget posted by:. Wheely Stars from Lee Lee's Zombies vs Amigo Panc Stacko Lev Disaster W Tiny Diggers. What's Ins Color Move. Jump Out Rats Invas Bear in Su Fun In The If you copied a URL on your computer, you can save it to Pocket directly if you visit Pocket in your browser.

Click here to learn how to save to Pocket directly in your browser. Here's how:. Pocket can save links copied to your clipboard when you open the app. On iPhones and iPads running iOS 14 and higher, you will be asked whether or not you want to allow Pocket to read URLs on your clipboard before it does so.

Therefore, if you happen to miss it by mistake, it will not be shown again unless you follow these steps:. You can also use another method of saving the link to Pocket, such as saving via email. Still need help?

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Looking for a simple walkthrough of everything you can do in the game? An intriguing question that dwells on many players who spend their leisure time on this game is how you beat the game? If the hearts are split in half, indicating a broken heart, that means your emo character is unhappy. To beat the game, the goal is to ensure all five hearts are repaired, i. Therefore to beat poket emo, means to learn how to make pocket emo happy. Achieving this goal can be difficult but not impossible.

The key to beating the game is to do nothing. In other words, let your emo character alone without disturbing it in any way. Once you leave it alone for about a month, the emo character will automatically start becoming happy. Pocket Emo is an online browser game, which means you can play it on any device such as mobile, laptop, or tablet, on your preferred web browser. The game is available on several websites, the most popular of which is Mindistortion.

You can find it on other gaming websites as well, e. This way, you can find out what other people think about the same game. The features of this game are simple yet effective. You can create your own emo character and then customize them to make them happy and successful. Besides choosing the right clothes and hairstyle, you can also choose piercings, wristbands, and thick-rimmed glasses.

You can also give your Pocket Emo a messenger bag and a razor to make them even more emo. You can feed the emo with burgers and eat with them. You can also write a diary or listen to music. You can also give him or her a razor.

There are plenty of ways to interact with your Pocket emo. You can also write a diary or listen to music while playing with Pocket Emo. Afterwards, you can watch it interact with other users. It works on any device with an internet connection and is compatible with most web browsers.

All you need is a free Adobe Flash Player to play Pocket emo. The Pocket Emo game lets you play as an emo teenager. You can also give your emo a diary and a razor. The pen in your pocket will also help you to write.

It can listen to music and write a diary. The possibilities of the game are endless. You can keep track of his or her life and share it with others. You can also write a diary and listen to music, and give your emo a razor. In addition to that, you can also interact with him or her by giving him or her items. The Pocket Emo character is available on several websites. Among them is Mindistortion, which is a gaming site that has many emo games.

You can also embed Pocket emo into your own personal website or blog. It has several options for customization. You can play it on any web page, including WordPress or MySpace. You can even embed the game in a widget to display it on your personal website. Pocket Emo is a simple brain simulation game. You can play it on your computer or smartphone. It requires Adobe Flash Player, which you can download from the website.

If you have a flash player, you can play Pocket emo online. In this game, you can make an emo character with the help of various options, including the free music library. It also has a simple interface, but it has a huge variety of features. Unlike other emo games, pockit emo has an extra dark side. You can play it as an emo girl or boy. This game is about dark emo. You can play with her emo-themed character or just make her emo-themed sim. The game will ask you to choose her outfit and her makeup.

Pocket Emo is a fun and interactive game that allows you to play it on any device. The game is compatible with any web browser. You can feed it burgers and play with it with a ball, but you have to be careful.

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